dinsdag 19 maart 2019

Dr. Steven Greer 15 februari 2019 Nederlands ondertiteld

Hi there!

With the spring-equinox + a super full moon coming up: here is something very much worth your attention!

zaterdag 16 maart 2019

Hi there! 

It's clear that there is a lot of geo-magnetic unrest these days. Some people wonder:

'Are the poles going to shift?'

Well... we sure as hell are in the middle of a huge paradigm-shift. Change is happening! 

I quote from Dreamweaver333: 'Geomagnetic unrest happening today and tomorrow as SOULar winds come into our atmosphere from the huge hole in the sun’s surface. Auroras are expected too. SOULar winds right now are creeping up and starting to accelerate, which maybe you are already feeling on physical and emotional levels? It’s like an amping UP feeling.'

So... what's really going on?

I quote again:

'While in meditation I was told a very large Galactic Federation ship will be here in the first week of March. It has 49 shuttles each 220 feet wide. It is part of the changes rapidly unfolding on Earth. Most of your leaders are aware of and working with the Federation, the Orion Council of Light, and Pleiadians.

I have not been told, as of yet, their mission.

The Earth has been under siege for thousands of years by darker forces which have infiltrated, almost all agencies, institutions and powers. You have been under a very suppressive Draconian or what some would call an Archon grid. This is coming to a close.

The electromagnetic light spectrum on all levels has increased exponentially. The Central Sun connected to all other Suns has increased its flow of consciousness and energy. Consciousness, Light, Energy and Mass are all connected as frequencies of the same force. Due to free will and a lot of negative influence there has been a lot of miscreation outside of Universal Law. This solar system is in the boondocks on an outermost arm of the Milky Way. There are differences of opinion on whether we are even in the Milky Way none the less we have been left alone, some might say abandoned until the time is right.

NASA has released the charts on the increase of incoming energies, the Schuman Resonance is off the charts Tuesday it went from 7.8 to 74 which is one reason people are feeling out of sorts.
This is all part of the awakening and healing or liberation of Earth. You can see it playing out on every level. The increase in social, economic, political, changes, severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity all are byproducts of these incoming energies. People are choosing between the upward spiral engaging their own higher consciousness and energy making their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection, or the downward spiral leading to social, economic and environmental collapse. The days of tyranny are coming to a close, yet this will happen in stages.
We are here for soul evolution, to gain the wisdom through experience learning from the past. This is where the wisdom from the Elders come in. There are Elders from Earth and Elders from the stars. The Elders of the Earth, if awake, are connected to the Elders in the stars. Your ancient ancestors are returning. They know the real history of Earth, the origin of your religions, and have a more expanded version of God far beyond the bearded images of the past.
What does this mean for Humanity?
We are being given a golden opportunity to release the past, gain the wisdom from the experience and take a quantum leap in evolution. We can choose to join the rest of the Universe in Peace, reunite with the greater family of man, clean up the environment, put an end to most diseases and live a thoroughly loving, joyous abundant life. It is our birthright. We did not get into the mess we are in without interference. When I say interference, it exists on many levels, physical and non-physical. There in so much inhumanity on Earth because of non-human interference. This is being removed.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.”

Many humans have chosen to serve these non-human entities due to promises of power, fame, wealth etc. These are false promises and never end well. This is a disservice to God and country.

The real power is love and it comes from making your own personal connection with God/Creator/Great Spirit. Real everlasting fame comes from service to humanity, saints, sages and masters are the most remembered. The real wealth comes from within, wealth of knowledge, wealth of love, wealth of joy, a life of service to humanity and the Earth feeling good about oneself that is the real wealth, it is non-material. The transitory and false fame, wealth, and power sold to you by social consciousness is a lie. When you awaken many will realize almost everything they have been taught and told were lies. The social engineering, conditioning and programming has all been a plan carried out by these negative forces seen and unseen that have enslaved humanity for eons. Again, these forces are replete throughout the agencies and institutions you have in error given your power too. Some refer to these energies as the deep state or swamp. It is global.

When you climb the ladder of fame. power and wealth in most institutions of this day and age it gets darker and more decadent. When your eyes are fully opened the truth can be devastating. The masks are all coming down, the truth is being revealed and the true character of everyone will be made known. Politics, Hollywood, and the major religions are a good example. Nothing is how it seems and nothing is real concerning what the lame stream media tells you. In fact, if you reverse what they are saying the percentage of truth would be much higher. The Great Awakening is here. How we deal with it and how much we resist it will be up to each individual. I would strongly suggest choosing Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, “Universal Law” the upward spiral of evolution. It is time to listen to the Elders of Earth and the Stars. There are spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations which have conquered, poverty, disease, and live in harmony with each other and their environments. One would think it wise to follow their lead.

Be well,
James Gilliland'

Mmm... let's all prepare for the upcoming equinox-passage!

With Love... from Antwerp/Belgium

zondag 16 september 2018

Hi there!

It's been a while. I've just been browsing through my blog-archive. I wrote 60 blogs in 2012, 21 in 2013, 11 in 2014 and the following years just one or two. Remarkable. Does this mean i've lost my appetite for writing? On the contrary!

The thing is: I was so excited when my first book came out in 2012 that, for a while at least, i could not stop talking and writing about it. At that time i also choose not to give speeches or lectures in public so a blog seemed to be a good idea. Then after a couple of years i started to do research for what would become a second book. And now... that second book is finished! So here i am again :) 

I would really like to be able to work with a publisher this time. So at the moment i am still waiting for some publishers to evaluate my new work. Thumbs up that i receive some good news one of the following days! If not, i will off course publish it myself again. With the help of a print-on-demand publisher, as i did with my first-born.

What is the new book about?

Well, the new book reveals some of the highlights of my eternal life.

I use these so-called testemonies as evidence that the infinite consciousness - the Soul - has access to other realms in our Multiverse, and that it can take on different forms. 

For many lives i was trained in various realms. I am/was a space/time-traveller and now I am here to tell you about that. You can imagine (or not) that the history of mankind on this planet is not quite what you've been told! Let alone the future!

The new book talks (again) about the new/old paradigm that the Universe is a Super-Intelligent Force and that people are so much more interesting then they've been told for so many centuries. The human consciousness is definitely not a product of the brain. It is exactly the way around! The Soul-consciousness works together with the body in order to give both people and the Super-Intelligent Force the experience of living.

So yes: there is a meaning to all of this! People are here on this wonderful planet to work on themselves - to raise their consciousness - so they can connect and identify more and more with this Super-Intelligent Force... and expand and be free and live with the other species all over the Multiverse.

At the moment a global awakening is happening. People need to surf this wave and wake up and become more human as in more evolved human beings. Like seeds, people need to grow towards the one and only light of the Truth. The more people raise their vibration, the more they see of the bigger picture, the more they see through the lies and secrets. Never forget: there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of because on the highest of levels, there is only LOVE and INNER-STANDING.

The out of balance-situation we see on a daily basis everywhere in the world, is the result of  a serious lack of insight. Not from the world-leaders - they deliberately keep a lot of information from the people because they profit themselves from their secrets - but from the people themselves. We - everyone of us - need to dig deeper into ourself and find out what is really TRUE. 

That's it for now. I will be back in touch soon. Hopefully with some good news!

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

Dr Steven Greer 2017

With a testimony of astronaut Edgar Mitchell (Apollo - 6th man on the moon).

Some things change, some things (apparently) don't.

Hi world! 

This comes from a local newspaper in Belgium:


Nr. 2. Vlucht 19 (1945)

Flight 19, een vlucht van vijf oorlogsvliegtuigen, verdween spoorloos boven de Bermudadriehoek in 1945. ©Wikipedia
Op 5 december 1945, na het einde van Wereldoorlog II, stegen vijf bommenwerpers op voor een trainingsvlucht. Boven de beruchte Bermudadriehoek verdwenen alle vijf toestellen, inclusief hun veertien bemanningsleden, spoorloos. De vliegtuigen werden bestuurd door een vlieginstructeur en ervaren piloten. Uit radioberichten van de instructeur bleek dat het kompas van zijn toestel niet goed functioneerde, maar voor het probleem kon worden onderzocht, werd het radiocontact verbroken. 

Het mysterie werd nog groter toen ook het vliegtuig dat werd uitgestuurd om de vijf bommenwerpers te zoeken spoorloos verdween. 

In 1974 they even made a movie about this:

You gotta love some of these old 70's movies!

maandag 25 juli 2016

Isle of the Sky

After an intense period i am proud (again!) to present to you my very own band!

Isle of the Sky is the result of the transformation of my book into music.

All songs are about dreams & visions, other worlds & dimensions and the Big Frequency Shift we are all witnessing on a daily basis.

Isle of the Sky suggests that all life has emerged from the invisible and has transformed into the physical realms. 

In order to be able to live in a better world, we have to realize that we have to look up again, to the cosmos, where (in-)visible forces work together with us as one.

Talk/see you soon!


woensdag 2 september 2015

Animal Perfume

Here it is! I am very proud to be able to present you my new song and videoclip!

I don't really know what came first: the song or the clip. They both came into my mind at the same time, in an enlightened or in-spirational moment. Needless to say i am very happy i was able to grab that moment and hold tight to it, and work with it so it could slowly evolve and finally become a real 'thing'.

The clip was shot at the home of Tim & Kathleen, and on location in Antwerp... during the winter so you can imagine i gave the crew a hard time. But i think it was worth it. The light in the winter is very special. It is somewhat harder and therefor more intense. The winter is also a special time for Nature as it folds itself back to itself. It is a time for reflection, to go to the core of things, where it is still warm. Off course insights can come at any time, but when Nature becomes this silent, sometimes it is easier to hear the whispers of your soul.

After some nice scouting-walks in the area, i decided to shoot on two places. At first there is the little beach of St. Anneke where the skyline is dominated by the iron buildings of the harbor on the other side of the river Schelde. It is both a sweet and apocalyptic place. The second place is on the other side, at Noordkasteel, and holds a connection with the (i believe second) World War because of its old deserted bunkers, next to the little lakeside.  

When i walk or am at those two places, there is always a moment i imagine i can still hear the loud sounds of steel rubbing against steel, of hundreds, thousands of men working and marching like slaves for invisible bosses who hide behind the concrete. When i turn away again, when i close that window, the contrast between those loud sounds and the silence of the Nature makes the silence even more holy then it already is. 

The third player in the clip is both visible and invisible. The Schelde is the river that runs through Antwerp and divides it into two parts. Without this river Antwerp would not have become so big. It connects us with the bigger waters, the greater ideas. 

I hope that both places will continue to exist as they are, and that one day the Schelde will be as clear as crystal water again.

As for the music: i think it speaks for itself. Hope you enjoy!

Song: written by Ilse Wanten. Jorg Strecker - guitar, bass. Jon Birdsong - trumpet. Ilse Wanten -  vocals, synth (everything home recorded). Alfredo Bravo Ebner - drums, recorded by Youri Van Uffelen. Mixed and mastered by Bart Delacourt. Clip: directed by Ilse Wanten. Camera, editing by Tim Michielsen & Kathleen Steegmans. Thanks to Eva Wens & Pascale Geens. Made in Antwerp © 5/5/2015 Production Ilse Wanten. http://www.ilsewanten.com