maandag 27 oktober 2014

What Dolores Cannon presents

here in this documentary, i can confirm totally. But where Dolores talks about 'they' or 'the ET's' i simply say 'we' and talk about 'my people'. What she calls 'The Source' i sometimes call it that too ;) Or i say God. Or The Light. The Highest Light. All of Nature. Spirit. In Dutch: het AL. 

A very long time ago, i'm talking hundreds of thousands of years ago, me and my husband were asked the question if we wanted to come to here, to this planet to help it  - and it's inhabitants - evolve towards a higher state. We answered that call, became volunteers and went down to this planet. As you can imagine - or not - since then many fantastic adventures took place.
Nowadays i am able to capture parts of this story so some of them already ended up as a testimony in my first book which will hopefully appear in English soon. In the mean time and as an introduction to 'the real me' you can watch this presentation. Let me tell you: this is the perfect food for the mind in changing and puzzling times like these…

vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Let's have a talk...

...about your up-coming death. Jip... that's right :) Let's talk about your death because if there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that one day you will die. Just like you entered this planet when you were born, you will leave it again by using the exit when one day, you will die. The reason why i want to talk to you about this mind-blowing, upcoming event, is simple: no one else will. So many years of so called 'civilization' and something so important as death is still a taboo. Let's face it, at school, you were never told about how to handle your life, let alone how to handle your death.

A while ago i saw the science-fiction movie Lucy from director Luc Besson starring Scarlett Johansson as Lucy, in which her character states very simply (as if she was talking about the shape of a specific table or chair) that 'death doesn't exist'. Finally, i cried hysterically through my tears. What did i care this was expressed in a movie. As if all movies are filled with stories made up by people that believe in fairytales. Anyway, let's not get carried away by movies now. I wanted to talk to you about death. Your death.

Death does not exist. You will live forever. You see, there is something in you that lives forever. That is the little spark of light in your soul that mirrors the Big Light - call it God. Just like the Big Light, the little lights - us people - have also been living since and even before(!) the very beginning of the Universe. And we will be there when it transforms again in the distant future.
People have been saying you will not be able to take things with you when you die, and that is true when you think about physical objects like money, a house and your favorite jeans. But you sure as hell can take your consciousness with you. 

So, what about your consciousness? Let's be realistic here. If you have never - not ever - thought about the true meaning of life, had questions about yourself and searched and found their answers, you'll be in for a surprise. You see, the whole dying-thing can be quite a shock. Just think about it. When in the end you finally die and you come to realize you are still living it puts a whole lot of other things immediately in a very different perspective too.
Someone once said that death is like closing one door and opening an other. I think that's eloquently said. On the other side you'll be still you. But without your physical body you'll look smaller and more transparent. You'll feel really naked too.

My experience is, that no matter how hard i try to explain this to people, if they do not have had the same experience themselves, they will have the greatest difficulty listening to this or even become upset and mad. Nevertheless, i think these things should be known and taught to everyone at schools and such. And just for the record: not in a religious way but in a spiritual one.  

Now, it is very important that you learn to see very clear that this whole dying-thing is not something to be afraid of. Although, when you do not have a prepared exit-plan, your soul can become very 'lost' in the sense that it literally does not know where to go when it leaves your body. So, in order to have a good, clean transition, you need a solid exit-plan

First of all, it is a very good idea to realize LOVE is everywhere. No matter what you think or might believe: love is the basic ingredient of our Universe. No matter where you are: you are being loved. Even though sometimes, in the darkest hours, you may think no-one loves you on this planet, you are very, very wrong. There are always enlightened beings that practice pure love and that surround you. They may be invisible to you, but they are there. 

When the soul leaves the bodying in a soft and gentle way, usually it's being welcomed on the other side by beings it already knows. You can imagine how joyful it can be to actually meet with people you thought you would never see again! In some cases however, when death came as a shock and unexpected (like as a result of some kind of accident), it can occur that no-one is there to welcome the soul. It is good to stay calm at such a point and to realize then and there that LOVE is everywhere. No matter where you are, enlightened beings are everywhere around you. And not only is it their duty to love souls, but to help them with their necessary insights to be able to make new choices and to guide them towards their new realities. Nevertheless, like it is the case here on Earth, there are beings that are not so enlightened but still which to help you. Make sure you then ask for the highest of guidance. Do not be afraid, just ASK for the most enlightened beings to support you and then they will. Sometimes, you will have to wait a little while, which can be quite stressful because you are finding yourself in a time/space-frame you are not familiar with and sometimes it can be quite dark there. But never think you were abandoned or something like that. Someone always will come. And if you do not like who is coming to you, remember to ASK for the highest of light guidance. Like i said, normally you will have time to prepare your death and so will 'the other side', but sometimes - due to some sort of accident - there is no time and things go very fast. Then you need to stay calm and remember what i just told you. 

So, first of all: know that love is everywhere. When you're time naturally comes, be unafraid and try to wrap things up here as good as you can. Second: when there is not much time and death comes as a sudden 'surprise', do not be afraid and ask for the highest guidance possible. That's it. The rest will become clear once you're out there, surrounded by love.

From quantum-physicis the scientific community already learned that reality is not as simple as it seemed and that there is still much, much to be learned. The whole idea of reality to be this or that simply does not exist. One plus one is not two. What they thought to be 'real' or 'reality' is in fact one of many, many possibilities. What makes it even more complex (and interesting!) is that all these possibilities are happening at the same time.
Every so called 'particle' is at the same time a wave. Meaning: every human being is not only living here on this Earth, in this particular dimension, but is living in many, many different dimensions. When you do not realize this, you'll act as a particle and will dwell in this realm without ever being aware of your own 'wave'. If you, however, open your mind/soul/heart to the multi-verse within you, if you connect the little spark of light in your own soul with the Big Light, you will start connecting yourself with yourself on many different levels, thus becoming who you really are. I can assure you: the result of such a process is in fact called LIFE and who doesn't want to know anything about this, might as well be death already.