zondag 27 januari 2013

Once again,

when we will have learnt that fear of death is terrible but not death itself - death itself is gentle, as if we softly close one door and open an other - we will find ourselves on The Other Side and on other planets. Only if we want to, Intelligences there will help us to see and understand what it is we need to see and understand. Living on this planet has a sacred purpose you know. Life after life, each and every one of us has to try to become more and more complete. Let me explain what i mean by this. 
LIFE is LOVE; it's as simple as that. In the very beginning LIFE/LOVE was split up because it was so beautiful and therefor wanted everywhere. Off course somewhere deep down all the little parts remembered this, and ever since they are all trying to get back to this Unity, this Great One-ness. In order to get back, they only have to do one thing and that is to take the right road.  

When we become more and more experienced, we begin to understand that feelings of hate, jealousy, envy, greed, violence,... belong to a road we don't really want to take. Those feelings lead us nowhere because hate will always be answered by hate, jealousy will always be answered by jealousy, and the same goes for all the rest. The one and only real road is off course the ROAD OF LOVE. In order to be able to take this road, we will have to become LOVE

On The Other Side, it is very easy to understand what real LOVE is because there, LOVE has a face and body that radiates the most beautiful light. Here on Earth, where our bodies are more heavy, LOVE can sometimes be seen on the bottom of strange eyes looking right through you. Or it is visible in the way someone relates to other people. For example: when he/she is very calm and speaks carefully chosen words that reveal great inner wisdom. LOVE never judges you know, because LOVE always understands and therefor forgives.      

Once, when you will stand on the shore of the Source of Wisdom again, you will look in the water and understand what it is you had to learn this time. If you are lonely now, unhappy or sad, there is a reason which you will need to find. That is your Queeste in this life. Probably you have to sit down and meditate or ask for help from a teacher of some kind, but i assure you, if you really want to find answers, you will receive them because that is what all Intelligences on The Other Side tend to do: they do everything to in-spire you constantly with the Spirit of LOVE. 

dinsdag 15 januari 2013

The collective

human consciousness is beginning to change. The stage is set on this planet for the greatest transformation of 'being' that humanity has ever known. The more we open our minds and hearts to the Universe and to other realms of existence, the more we will be able to sense and experience these other realms right here in the present. The more our conscious-material world of masculine domination disintegrates, the more of the Universe we will be able to perceive. 

There are many people in positions of political and religious power that will surely condemn this message as they try to consolidate and hold on to their selfish, destructive worlds. But there are also very advanced spiritual and Universal forces surrounding this planet. These forces are appearing through the hearts of open minded people and they will not allow a return to the dark, repressive ages of the past. 

Humanity is heading - slowly - for a new age of Love, Peace and Universal Being. 

We must come to realize that this planet, our beloved planet Earth, is a living being that pulses with the creative forces of the Universe. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. There is no separateness anywhere on Earth or in the Cosmos other than in the concepts and ideas of human beings. It's true that these concepts and ideas have been given a lot of power in the past, and have created false, destructive realities. But they were wrong! There is no separateness between humans and other humans, humans and the Universe or humans and their Creators. 

In each of our bodies there are billions of atoms, millions of untold elements that have flowed around the Universe and around the surface of this planet in constant flux since the very beginning. The same atoms or elements that were once part of an Australian Aborigine's body thousands of years ago, are now a part of our body. The same atoms or elements that were once part of an Egyptian, Atlantic or Lemurian body, are now still a part of our body. And these same atoms and elements were once another part of this Galaxy or Universe. 

History is within us, here and now. Let us never forget where we come from. 

Human beings can not continue to live unbalanced with the male/female aspects of being. We can not continue to act independently and selfishly, while acquiring the material wealth of this planet for ourselves when others live in material desperation. We must strive to create a more balanced, tolerant and peaceful world. If my brothers and sisters are suffering, THEN SO AM I. If the Earth is wounded and losing its ability to renew itself, THEN SO AM I. If the plants and animals on this planet are neglected, THEN SO AM I.  

So where do we go from here? 

The spiritual condition of our soul is all that matters in the end, so let us wake up NOW.


vrijdag 4 januari 2013


Let's begin this new calendar-year with a statement. Here it is: how advanced some human beings may think they are, a lot of them have not even begun to experience all the realms of being that exist in and around them. 

Our Solar system is connected from the core of the Sun to the outer orbits of Pluto and far beyond. Gravitationally and electro-magnetically, it is ONE body. The elements of Jupiter or Saturn are the same elements that exist on this planet and in our bodies. Human beings are able to exist on Earth only by the continued gravitational stability of all the planets. If Mars, Jupiter or any one of the planets were to explode or somehow enter a new orbit around the Sun, every other planet in our Solar system would have to re-arrange to a new gravitational balance which would change the material and conscious conditions on Earth dramatically. Our Solar system is existing in a interdependent field of magnetic, gravitational, electrical and anti-material forces. Here on this planet, human beings also exist in all these realms. We are more then physical body. We are more than electric-magnetic minds. We are soul... spirit - what scientists are now calling anti-matter. I want to ask you to speak this word out loud: anti-matter. Do you hear how cold it sounds? Af if it's about something not living, not important? Anti-matter sounds as if it doesn't really matter. It's some kind of dead force that hides under the visible surface and it's just a matter of time before it will be made totally visible, as in countable and workable.  Can you imagine that this so called dead force is nowadays being manipulated in order to gain energy from it? After nuclear-energy, here comes energy from anti-matter! Problem solved! Oh... how perverse this sound...

When Nature is being raped and people are being treated like numbers and products, it's time to wake up and open your mind and heart again. Only a society who doesn't respect values, understands nothing of Life. Change can only begin from the bottom-up, not top-down, so the future starts today with each and everyone of us.