dinsdag 10 september 2013

I am ashamed!

I am ashamed of the fact that, after hundreds of years, 'modern' science (i generalize) still believes that the ancient people who, for example, build Stonehenge were primitive! I am ashamed of those people who keep on publishing this it as if it were a scientific proven fact! And i am even more ashamed of all those people who actually believe this lie, because that is what it is: a lie!

I mean: who is primitive here?! To deny the very existence of stone-calendars and star-clocks, beautifully shaped according to the natural environment (which is called geo-morfology) is to deny a kind of wisdom that has ruled this planet for several thousands of years! Apparently, this wisdom is to hard to understand for some people nowadays and that is why they don't even try to understand it anymore. But let me tell you: this act of not even trying - not even willing to try! - is maybe more criminal then an actual criminal act because it seriously blocks the evolution of mankind on this planet!

It is high time we start to realize that we are not standing at the top of a curve that went up since the so called beginning of mankind on this planet. We did not 'slowly' evolve from some primitive state such as the monkeys are called. Our history is much more complicated then that. We need to realize that the level of development that we attribute to ancient cultures is determined by the level of development that our own thoughts and insights allow them to have. This is true not only for the way we look at their architectural achievements, but also in our translations of the writings they have left us, or the way we view the structure of their culture. Our limitations thus become their limitations!

Blinded by their own extensive knowledge of their field, scientists and scholars are generally reluctant tot relativize conventual beliefs, to get out of their comfort zone and allow new light to be shed on orthodox views, particularly if this new light is unfamiliar and, in their opinion, cannot be trusted. The scientific courage to launch an in-depth, inter-disciplinary investigation into our past is lacking, barred by vested interests and reputations that stand in the way of a necessary re-vision of our current world view. But... is it not every philosopher and scientist's dream to keep an open mind without pre-conceived points of view and to get to know things in their true nature and define them?

Luckily for me and for you, i don't care about my reputation but i do care about this world. I see it as my duty to finally come out of the closet with what i have known to be true since i was a little child. Believe me, or not: i do speak out of my own experience and memory.

Let's take a closer look at one of the ancient sciences that has been cruelly cut of from the chest of modern science: astrology. Astrology, in the sense of advanced insights in the working of the influences of the different planets and star signs, and of course the forecast of the future by understanding the present, was something that belonged to the Ancient Wisdom as falling leaves belong to the ground. Not only was astrology a daily, returning given on the level of everyday life, but it was also of great importance on the level of much bigger life-cycles. Today we live on this planet as if there is no tomorrow and this probably explains why it is so hard for some people to imagine that when life is lived with the future constantly at present, is becomes a totally different concept; a far more conscious concept i dare say.

Traces of this high-standard - not primitive! - ancient life will reveal themselves to the ones who keep an open mind without pre-conceived points of view. They are the visionaries that dedicate their lives to the sole purpose of raising and expanding the human consciousness and therefor the quality of life for everyone on this planet. Once you start to rub the dirt out of your eyes, you'll see that there are traces enough.

For example, the globe made by the Frenchman Oronteus Finaeus in 1531 shows 'oddly enough' the continent of Antarctica, which, according to our current view of history, should be impossible, as that continent was 'first discovered' as recently as 1820 by Russian expedition leader von Bellingshausen...

The Turin Papyrus which dates back to the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II (13th century BC), fixes the beginning of Egyptian history in 11.248 BC. The going idea still is that the eldest civilizations arose around 3.000 BC... You see, the contents of this papyrus alone completely overturn the existing chronology! What is even far more interesting is that the Ancient Egyptians explicitly stated their intention in their writings. They wanted their fundamental view of the world to be preserved down the millennia. Nevertheless, we are about to lose the central core of their legacy forever, a world view that we cannot afford to lose. Why not? The answer is complicated and yet very simple: for we must learn from our mistakes.

A history of Ancient Stonehenge - of Egypt, Mexico, Bolivia, ... - without a proper framework cannot be called a history. We need to know the beginning and the end. Because the Ancient Egyptians themselves alluded to the cradle of their civilization, we need to ask ourself the question where that cradle was located. The answer is stated in over more then a thousand 'myths' on this planet because they all talk about 'the great flood'. Plato, the Ancient Greek explicitly reported that the Island of Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean - hence the name! - beyond Gibraltar, known at the time as the Pillars of Hercules. According to Plato, the last pieces of Atlantis went down in the ocean around 9.000BC. According to other sources, the total destruction of Atlantis took place in three stages, beginning with the first stage around 50.000 BC. 

Nowadays it's very hard for people to grasp the concept that what once was known all over the world, today is buried under tons of water... And after all, so many years of 'scientific' research has 'proven' Atlantis to be a fantasy, born from the minds of dreamers. Off course it is the other way around: it is science that has been dreaming. Atlantis was our previous cradle and make no mistake: long before the events occurred that still dwell in our minds, some of the initiates knew what was going to happen. 

Long before and in silence these heirs prepared for the future in lands they knew would survive the upcoming destructions caused by the darkened consciousness of mankind. All trough this process, they were (spiritually) guided by their ancestors who already or still lived in other dimensions of the skies and intermediated between Earth and other planets and planetary systems. According to Edgar Cayce the construction of the library of Alexandria (Ancient Egypt) was constructed by the Atlantic heirs in 10.300 BC. 

Think about it. This explains why civilizations such as the Maya's and Egyptians 'all of a sudden' came to life 'from out of nowhere' and flourished such as they did without any so called trace of a run-up period. No, they did not slowly evolve from some primitive state but came from Atlantis and therefor were the legacy of Ancient, Wise men. Not only are each and every one of the ancient building complexes - Gizeh (Egypt), Stonehenge (England), Teotihuacan (Mexico) and Tiahuanaco (Bolivia) - astronomically aligned, they are also connected with each other. 

The moment you start to open your eyes, you start to see the connections between all those places. And then you will not understand anymore how it is possible you have been blind for so long! Modern science must start recognizing this fact for it simply is the Truth. The longer modern science will deny us our true history, the longer they will keep mankind enslaved to theories that are nothing more then bed-time-stories for little children. It is high time we break out of the prison modern science has build for us!

Don't mistake me. Around 1600 modern science broke away from the catholic church which was necessary and therefor a good thing. Time had came for people to break away from an institute that denied the independence of each individual. Meaning: the path which led to independent thinking was made free. The result is visible today: millions and millions of people have started to think! The next step in our evolution is already visible for those who can see or are willing to see. It has to do with the way we think

Our current so called democratic society is material-based and therefor does not accept the very existence of the soul, let alone the Soul! But it is no coincidence that modern science - with the quantum-theory on head - has re-discovered Her existence, the existence of what they call the Field (an other translation is the Field of Unity). Time has finally come again that they both need to work together in order to create a truly human society.

Yes, I am ashamed but i am also thrilled! It is only a matter of time before both concepts will be completely understood and connected again such as they were meant to be, like in the Ancient Time. The result will be a spiritual science that connects heaven and earth. As it is above, so will it be down below.

Needless to say that this new way of living, will bring Atlantis back to life. You see, like an individual person is being born under a certain star- and planet-constellation, so is mankind and so is this world. Astrology today is very much under appreciated because, at the dawn of modern science, it was considered a wicked thing, a meaningless result of some primitive form of superstition. Ignorance of its profound meaning led to more and bigger mistakes and here we are now, at the break of the New Age, with, generally spoken, no clue of what astrology can tell us about the way the world turns. 

When the G20 have their annual meeting, soaked in luxury, i cannot strip myself from the thought of how different their little get-together must be in comparison with the holy services of the ancient rulers of the world... and how poor. If only they knew and understood the great influence underneath the surface, i am sure that they would see the current world-problems for what they truly are: they are challenges, possibilities to grow, not on an economic level but on a spiritual one. Like Leonard Cohen once said: 'There is a crack in everything, that's where the light comes in'.