vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Testimony of an Out Of Body Experience

Robert Monroe is the Founder of the Monroe Institute, Nelson County, Virginia.
He is one of the many who learnt to travel the road 'behind the horizon'.
Off course modern science has never taken Monroe very serious.
With dr. Pim van Lommel, the dutch cardiologist and writer of Endless Consciousness, the tide is finally turning. In his book dr. Van Lommel calls an OOBE also a near-death-experience or an experience of a higher consciousness. He comes to the conclusion that people who have never experienced something like it, should better start listening to people who have.

vrijdag 8 februari 2013

maandag 4 februari 2013

Lincoln, the movie,

starts with a very interesting scene in which president Lincoln describes to his wife a dream he's had. It's about him standing on a ship that's sailing very fast and there is absolutely nothing but himself, the ship, the black sky and the dark ocean. It reminds the president of a wail hunter, although he's never been on a wail hunt before. But then his wife all of sudden sees and understands the meaning of it all: the real mission, the hunt for the wail, is the approval of the 13th amendment, the abolition of slavery. 
In other words, Lincoln - the president that will always be remembered for his big contribution to the experiment of the United States of America - was not only a very tall man, he also dreamt big because he knew that, in the end, all that matters is how one stands in his or her own strength. And that strength is always connected with something that reveals itself only in our dreams. If we carefully learn to listen to that strength, it'll guide us no matter where we are.

We are born as individuals and although we can surround ourselves by others, let ourselves be guided by others, we will have to take our lives into our own hands and follow our own heart and soul, speak our own truth. Each and every one of us, has a responsibilty to do whatever it is he/she has to do. Indeed, the world is a stage and we are all playing a certain, very specific part. 

If you reflect upon this, you'll have to agree with me that the only thing that is standing in your way to truly, deeply and madly play your part is fear. Fear of the feeling that, indeed, you are alone but not really because you are always connected with THE FORCE that in-spires you and everything/everybody around you. There is also the fear of the attention you will draw whether you like that attention or not. And last but not least: fear of the consequences of your deeds and fear of the person you will become when you stand out of the crowd and become a true, unique individual. 

When people ask me: 'If everyone reaches the level of higher consciousness that you talk about, wouldn't that be very boring?' I smile and always answer: 'No, on the contrary. We are on our way to greater, multicolored diversity but it is very boring that this diversity is still oppressed by people who don't understand the real value of humans and therefor desperately hold on to concepts that are since long out-of-date. Imagine this world if there was a deep understanding of what binds us all together. LOVE is the only way to the co-operation we so desperately need and seek. If you LOVE yourself, set yourself - and the world - FREE.'