maandag 25 maart 2013

Crop circles,

according to physicist Nassim Haramein, are messages from intelligent life outside our planet Earth. To put it in his words: WE ARE BEING CONTACTED!

Now before you should decide NOT to watch the film i selected, you should know that it is a fact that in the year 1974 NASA has sent a message into space, using the Arecibo radio-telescope at Puerto Rico. This message was written in a binary code and contained information about the people here on Earth: what we are made of, how we look and how we communicate. Finally, on the 14th of August 2001 this message was answered, but not in the way it was expected. The message appeared in the field next to the radio-telescope.

According to Haramein and others such as Niels Bagchus, we need to open our eyes for the possibility that 'they' have chosen deliberately for visibility instead of sending a message that only a few can intercept... and hide from the rest of us.
Off course crop messages are still not being taken seriously. Our leaders want us to believe they are all man made. Even though there are hundreds and hundreds of them, and they appear not only in crop fields but also in snow or in areas with trees.
'They are trying to raise our consciousness', Bagchus says. 'In order to understand what is happening we need first to understand that a stone circle such as the one in Stonehenge, is an ethereal replica of a crystal blueprint.' In other words: crop messages are messages written in the language of the light.

I am sorry for the bad quality of this movie, but hey, it's the message that counts. 

zondag 10 maart 2013

The multi-dimensional self

is the sum - and more - of all our aspects that live on every dimensional level you can imagine. We human beings are so much more then what the eye beholds on this third-dimensional level. If you could see yourself the way you really are, you would look like a shining star.

When our galaxy is in alignment with others planets or with the Source of light, it encourages us to do exactly the same. So, to become fully integrated means to align yourself. And to be able to align yourself means to first become aware of all of your aspects on every dimensional level you can imagine. Once you start to discover these aspects, you also start to sense that they are connected in a way that will ultimately lead you back to the beginning. The part of the fairy tale of Hans and Grietje, where they follow the signs they left behind to find their way back home, makes this integration-proces very clear. 

The fairy tale of Hans and Grietje tells us that we left something of ourself behind with every step we took so we could find our way back when needed. The bread crumbs are like a trail of light in the dark. When their lights fade, when the birds eat the crumbs, the road will no longer be found and we will enslave ourself on this planet and in this 3th dimensional body. There is only one way out: we need to learn to trust our own intuition again. Maybe then we learn to speak with the birds who ate the bread crumbs in the first place.  

When we learn to trust our intuition again, we will become stronger and smarter and the bread crumbs, our vague memories, will become certainties, like little stones. Stones embody indicators in which the light is more anchored. Off course, our street lanterns are a later consequence of this, but in fact they are there to stipulate and to remind us that every aspect of ourself is holding some of the same light. Together, all of these lights, form not only your road but also yourself. You and the road are truly one.


dinsdag 5 maart 2013

The time is now!

The period which began on the 12th of Dec. 2012 and lasted until the 3th of March 2013, was a period of transformation on a very deep cosmic level. As our planetary system came so close to the shining heart and the black hole of our galaxy, each and every one of us was given the opportunity to experience the brightest light and deepest darkness. The lesson we have learned? The brighter the light, the further away we can go because we will always find our way back, no matter how dark it can get.

Now, after this roller coaster of emotions and feelings, these opposites that present themselves in a perfect balance, time has come to redefine our path on a higher level. You see, by entering the light/void we've created a distance which is necessary to see things very, very clear. We have grown above our problems so to speak. As so many of us did when they withdrew themselves in the desert or on the top of a high mountain, we now come back with a renewed sense of reality.* And with a light heart and a clear, healthy consciousness we now can make the right decisions which will have their effect on our common future.

Ask yourself: what is really worth my attention? What is really worth living/dying for? What keeps me alive? How do i like/love myself the most? What really bothers me and what can i do to change that? If you have the answers to questions like these, the next step is obvious: START LIVING THEM. The time is now!

Don't think for a minute you can't make a difference. Everything you do, or even feel or think, MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Let me explain this. In todays world, modern science - or so called modern science - has put everything it has ever studied or discovered in words that reveal only one side of the actual story. This one-sided view talks about things as if they are mainly physical. The physical is the basic 'stuff' from which everything else originates. In other words: something comes from something. The human body and our planet Earth, for example, are still being looked upon as if they were dead organisms that work because of a series of physical actions and reactions. We need to eat and drink in order to stay alive. We need to watch out with our emissions in order to keep the atmosphere and our air clean, and so on. Even the human brain is the basis of, or the producer for our thoughts. That the human brain is in fact an interface between our body and the non-physical world outside, is not as weird as it sounds.

Just think about it. If the human brain is an interface, it means it works like a tele-vision or a radio and an antenna do. Depending on the channel which you chose you get to see/hear a show you like. If you don't like what you are watching you can switch to another station. What is important is that you realize that the voice(s) and the music coming out of the radio, are not inside the radio but in the air where an antenna picks them up. The same thing also applies for every image you watch on your television or computer. These images are not inside your television or computer, but are transmitted through the air. In fact they are being aired from somewhere and the antenna in your house just picks them up. Can you imagine how your life would change if you would pick up images directly from the Source of the Universe? 

If you connect yourself directly with the Source you will look upon the mainstream images with an over-view. This overview-effect has two sides: at the same time, you will look from a distance and from within because you are connected to the Source and therefor very much connected to yourself. The more you are connected, the more your individual choices will have their effect on the whole. But that doesn't mean that when you are not really connected, you don't have any part in this. Each and everyone of us is part of the whole, effecting it in every possible way.

*The Life of Pi, the movie that recently won an Oscar, is a perfect example of the same situation. A perfect sign of the time.