zondag 8 december 2013

The Stan Romanek Story.

The reason i chose this story of Stan Romanek is simply because it is an interesting document of someone who went through a very emotional life-changing process. Stan was a non-believer and very critical for a long time. In the beginning, he did not have a clue of what was happening to him. In the end, he wrote 3 books ('Messages', 'Answers' and 'The Orion Regressions') and became a bestseller-author. The way this man stood up and fought for his ideas - no matter how daring they were and still are - can only be welcomed with our respect. Off course, some people will not believe his story. I can only hope that they will dig deeper, not only in his material but also in themselves. As Stan says: 'Our Planet Earth is situated in the Milky Way, at the Orion Arm. Not only is our Sun one of about 200 billion stars, our Galaxy is also one of about 300 billion other Galaxies. It would be really stupid to assume we are the only ones out there.'

The other reason i am presenting this story to you, is that our planet plays a part in a fantastic, wonderful story that involves All of the Universe. That is why mankind on this Earth can be truly called 'StarSeeds' which are developing towards One-ness.

The last thing i want to say to you, before you start watching this movie, is that you need to keep in mind that some people need actual physical evidence before they can lift up the lid and let the light come in. A paradigm-shift is never easy, no matter how you look at it. That's why, sometimes, physical evidence is being given. The fact that other people are sometimes more easily 'convinced' - for example through lucid dreams - is therefor not because they are more 'stupid' or easy to 'influence' but because they are more sensitive already.

There are different ways to establish contact. Like there are many different levels of consciousness on this planet, there are also many different levels of consciousness outside of this planet. The ones outside who don't respect the Zone of Free Will, placed upon this Earth, play a dirty came as the sometimes intervene in human lives. To actually kidnap people is not only a very disrespectful way of treating human lives, it is also a very unnatural thing to do. You see, Nature intended for us to get inspired by the invisible Light of the Sun (to eat its blood and drink its wine) so our consciousness can open itself, like a seed, and enter the higher dimensions. Don't mistake me however: we were never left alone, there has always been help. You see, from time to time, humans who have already seen this Light will voluntary incarnate on this planet to stand by the human race and help them to achieve this goal. For example, in the days of Ancient Egypt, everyone knew Osiris originated from Orion. And his wife Isis came from Sirius. Even Jezus came from elsewhere. Off course they were not the only ones.

Do hope you enjoy this movie ;)

Stan Romanek mentions Betty Hill which is interesting because she and her husband Barney were kidnapped by an 'alien' delegation in 1961. The couple suffered from great trauma afterwards and went into therapy. The following movie was based upon these therapy-sessions. Apparently Betty Hill drew a map of a star-contellation that was not even discovered at that time.


It may be hard to understand, especially after what you've read and seen up to this point, that, in my opinion, aliens are always good. It's when underdeveloped people learn about some of their powers and light-speed-technology and start to use this information in an unnatural or bad way, that you get 'aliens' who sometimes stop at nothing in order to control others. This is also what Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde states in the following documentary (at 21min28).


With all of the above information carefully stored in our minds, we can start connecting the dots. For example, the story of Stan Romanek. It may at first seem like something to weird for words, but then the real story starts to unfold. That is: for those willing to see. So, are you ready? Here's how the real story goes. 

Once upon a time… Stan found himself in the middle of a 'fight' between real aliens - the beautiful woman and the 9 little children from which 7 were alike (sounds like a fairytale, no?) - who tried to help him in every possible way because people from this planet who are messing with advanced space-technology, were using him and his family as test-subjects! 

And the same story probably goes for Betty and her Barney as well. 

And for who knows how many others. I mean, if you realize that 9-11 (the so called 'terrorist' attack on the Twin Towers of New York) was orchestrated by the same people that rule the United States of Whatever… anything is possible. Like all the people in the above movie state: 'Off course there is a secret space program!'  

So, ok, there is the people - like you and me - and there are the ones that are technically spoken way ahead of us. Indeed, the 99% and the 1%. But this doesn't mean we are about to lose the struggle for equal rights for everyone on this planet! The 1%, and i'm talking about millions and millions of people out there (!), have something very valuable in common. You see, they have begun the Great Work that each and everyone of us should do and that is to raise their own consciousness. 

Whether you want it or not: the fact that you are actually reading this blog, is already opening your mind ;) 

The uprise has begun. From the depths of the Iron Age we have moved into the Bronze or Electrical Age. In the future, there is a Golden Age that awaits us. More and more it will become clear now that not only few people do the Great Work, but the Great Work itself is denied by the actual people who rule the system. 

Take care… keep up the good, the Great Work! Oh, and do stay tuned for 'Time to talk about Darwin. Part two.'