maandag 29 juli 2013

The Golden Thread,

the constant re-appearance of the Ancient or Ageless Wisdom - that body of inner or esoteric teaching handed down from remote times in a form suitable to the period - has always attracted the minds of thoughtful people. Through its remarkable preservation and continuity it has been compared to a golden thread: a spiritual life-line waxing or waning in clarity and intensity from century to century. 

There is a beautiful story from the Grecian 'mythology' that shines a brilliant light on the matter. It's called the story of the Thread of Ariadne. Ariadne gave a ball of golden thread to Theseus to be unwound as he travelled through the tortuously winding paths of the gloomy labyrinth of Crete into which he had been sent by the King, ostensibly as a sacrifice, but in reality to slay the Minotaur which dwelt at its centre... It was only by means of this gleaming thread, held firmly throughout his terrifying journey, that Theseus was able to return safely out of the dark and tangled maze - after slaying the Minotaur. 

When we realize (and the Aquarian truth-seekers do!) that all of the characters in this story play another, an occult or hidden character, we also understand that in fact this story offers us a deeper, reasoned explanation that all is energy at different levels of manifestation. The King for example is Spirit. Ariadne is the Soul. Theseus is the personality. The Minotaur is Ignorance, Greed and Selfishness. The Labyrinth (its centre) is the darkest stage of the descent. The Golden Threat is what is known as the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. 

Earth's first contact with the essence of this inner, Ageless Wisdom is thought to have taken place millions of years ago before any kind of record was possible. As described within the annals of the Ageless Wisdom the story of its inception and its development through many thousands of years is both instructive and inspiring and suggests the existence of both purpose and plan to all but the confirmed materialist or determined pessimist. To many there is strong evidence of design, a guarantee of wise guidance from behind the scenes, in spite of seeming evidence to the contrary when only short periods of time are considered. 

Today in the transition period from the emotionally conditioned 2,160 years of the Piscean age of the Fishes into the mentally oriented age of Aquarius, Bearer of the Waters of Knowledge (which is a lesser cycle in comparison to the beginning of a greater one of 25,000 years' duration, as our sun, having completed a major revolution through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, begins a new solar year which is also governed by the sign of Aquarius!) we find many who are strongly attracted to the Ageless Wisdom but demand mental support for what they intuitively feel to be in line with truth. This is probably the main reason for the very existence of this blog: to encourage the mentally keen as well as the primarily intuitive seeker. 

Ancient sages have long taught that the soul of each person overshadowed by Spirit has become temporarily immersed in the material world so that through the experience of many lives on Earth (=reincarnation) each may develop his latent soul powers, thus obeying that rather perplexing command 'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect'. For man is still the prodigal son in a far country, though already on his return journey to his father's home with the assurance that 'when afar off' he will be met and welcomed. 

Belonging to any religion or to none, and according to his stage of evolution, the seeker finds within the esoteric teachings of his day the means of understanding his spiritual and psychic self through meditation, study and service. It is in this manner, and after many lives of such experience, that the Elders of the human race - the Wise Men - have already reached that stage of relative perfection prescribed for us in every religion, its attainment being gradually achieved through the understanding of esoteric science and, above all, through living according to the teaching. 

The logical outcome of such achievement is the existence of the Great White Brotherhood, also called the Occult Hierarchy, with its central council known as the Inner Government of the World. (These three designations can be inter-changeable and allude, generally speaking, to the same body.) Among its members are the great World Teachers such as the Christ and the Buddha and the Masters of Wisdom who are referred to in many old scriptures. They have already reached the stage where they do not need to reincarnate, though some choose to do so for humanity's benefit. These beings are the custodians of what is called 'The Great Plan', which is part of a greater purpose. They lead and encourage the development of all esoteric teachings, they in fact preserve the existence and the continuity of the golden life-line, using all earthly channels available at any given time for spreading love, wisdom and knowledge in the manner in which  humanity is best able to receive them. If we realize that man himself is a channel - conscious or unconscious - we start to realize the meaning of the age-old counsel 'Man, know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and God!' Or how important their and our own work at any given time is...

(Thanks to 'The Golden Thread' - Natalie N. Banks)

zaterdag 6 juli 2013


in case you didn't know, is what it is all about. True love for everything and everyone. True love is about giving, not taking. Weather your love is answered or not, does not make any difference. True love is wise and patient and can wait, even if she has to wait much longer then she had ever expected or imagined.

Like everything in nature, true love changes but never ages or grows old. Like the waters, the winds and the soil, she stays forever young. 

True love hears the sounds of all living souls and she acknowledges that the same language of true love is everywhere to be found. Mostly in the smallest and simplest of all things. The Sun and the Moon at night, the biggest stars and the smallest raindrops, the snowflakes and the falling leaves on their way to the ground, the clouds passing us by in the endless skies. The silence between us. All dwell in the realm of true love.

Like the smell of flowers or herbs, true love is fragile. Like a bed of feathers, true love is soft and warm. 

True love is clear as crystal. She opens her hart for everyone. She never judges but understands there is an order in which all things fulfill their unique destination. True love never forces itself upon this order of things. True love can let go when it's time to let go but is also capable of a good honest fight when that's required.

True love is not ashamed! True love is not insecure! She is harmless and innocent as a child.  

True love doesn't believe but knows. No matter how hard this world will try to break her nature or stain the sweetness of her face, she will not lose her smile or sell her soul, oh no!

True love was the first and will be the last. She is complete but empty, a source of light to bright to be seen by the human eye.

True love is a blessing. A balsam. An insight of the deepest kind. An inauguration.

True love is the truth in a perfect disguise.