donderdag 13 juni 2013

Thinking Allowed!

I just love Fred Alan Wolf. For me, he's like a partner-in-crime. Like myself, he's actually being called to initiate other people.

In the following interview Fred talks about sacred sounds and their holographic impact, the vibration or quantum-wave-nature of all matter and the so called 'objective' reality. According to Fred, shamans vibrate on a higher level because they know/live in the world of the spirits where everything is meaningful. Jung would have called this 'synchronicity'. One of Fred's points is that the shamanic tradition is very old and therefor modern physicists should develop an interest at the very least. They might actually learn a thing or two ;)

Fred Alan Wolf:  Part 1 Complete Shamanic Physics -- A Thinking Allowed ...

maandag 3 juni 2013

Great news again!

'Crystal pyramids discovered at the Bermuda triangle'.

So, is Atlantis finally being discovered? Let me enlighten you with some facts. 

1. In april 2002, trained divers from the Indian National Institute of Oceanography and a scientific expedition-team from Dorset/England, discovered a ruin underwater before the coast of Mahabalipuram at the South of India. It seemed to be the remains of a temple-complex of the Pallava-dynasty. During the 7th century BC this complex was well known for its many temples at Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. Why six of them sunk at the bottom of the sea still remains a mystery to this modern day. The local myths though explain that once this was a stunningly beautiful city and that the Gods got so jealous, they sunk it all - except one temple - in only one day. 

2. When you go diving at Yonaguni/Japan, realize that you will see something else beside some notorious sharks. A scientific team of the University of Okinawa concluded that the local sea-bottom contains ruins of constructions that were probably build before the end of the last ice-age. We are talking about man-made constructions (they are +/-200 meters high and +/-35 meters high) that saw the light around 8.000 years ago. So this would mean that these are the eldest ruins on the planet. If, off course, all the other ruins are dated right. The Piramids of Gizeh/Egypt and the Sfinx for example seem to be much older then first was assumed... Oh, and by the way, Egyptian 'myths' tell us all about the Golden Era when the Gods from Orion and Sirius walked this Earth.   

3. Graham Hancock, the world-famous best-seller author, talks in his book Underwater about several underwater ruins that desperately need more examination. His conclusion is that a highly developed civilization occupied this planet a long time ago. Hancock stands not alone. On the contrary. Robert Bauval, John A. West and many, many more have been presenting their ideas to the world for the past years, trying to include - and not exclude - all possibilities. No matter how fantastic.

4. The Atlantic Ocean seems to be exactly where it is for over a million years now. But... what about a million and a half or more ago?

5. The Greek philosopher/writer Plato wrote about the lost continent Atlantis. In his writings Plato also talked about the Sacred Geometry.

6. The wise Greek Pythagoras not only understood this Sacred Geometry but it is said that he  also remembered his past lives.

7. Thousands of 'myths' everywhere on this planet talk about the Gods that fell from the skies. 'Myths' and stories about 'a great flood' were also found everywhere on this planet.

8. Several old maps (Oronteus Finaeus, Buache, Piri Reis) show us that the old world was very different from today.

9. In the West, the catholic church destroyed a lot of human lives. Not only spiritually. Western so called 'modern' science took its place but after more then 400 years, still leaves no room for anything else but the facts they believe to be true.

10. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that the Pyramids of Gizeh/Egypt are not the only pyramids on this planet. Yucatan/Mexico for example is one very big site and used to be, well..., you could say like Manhattan nowadays.

11. Over the past years, thousands of Crop Circles have appeared on this planet. Insiders know that they are telling us that the Sacred Geometry is very much alive and is trying to wake us up. Messages directly to the NASA for example, would probably not be heard by a lot of people.

If we start to add up all of this information (and off course there is a lot more!) + we keep in mind that many clear-voyants (= spiritually evolved people) all over this planet actually have memories of Atlantis and other places, even of other planets, the story of the history of mankind and our planet starts to shift quite drastically.
Why is it so hard for people to consider, just consider, the fact that most of us are not from here? That other planets and their evolution play a very important part in the evolution of our planet today? That life is not a one-time-experience but that you live many, many lives? The answer, off course, my friend, is that we are being told different for so many years now and in so many ways, it's hard to open up for something that sounds to weird for words... Besides: this planet, governed and ruled by money, which is a 3-D God, doesn't want to know the truth because that would mean a complete change and who likes change anyway but the people who truly understand why it is necessary in order to transform into or become a better person?