zaterdag 9 november 2013

Time to talk about Darwin. Part one.

Today, at the end of the year 2013, it's becoming more and more clear - for those who are ready to see -  that something is not completely right about the whole evolution-theory. Like everything else in history, what Darwin tried to describe in his work 'On the origin' must be held against the light of his particular time.

Darwin lived in a time where the catholic church had the final word in just about everything. This church believed that the year of creation and the year of the beginning of human history were identical. For many years, people believed - or were made to believe - that creation took place at October 22, 4004 BC, in the evening around 6 o'clock. You can imagine what a slap in the face it was when modern science discovered the first fossils!

Modern scientists at that time thought the catholic church was really stupid. But what these scientists did not understand, and what scientists today finally are re-discovering, is that there is something that is holding all these events together; something that can be compared with a gigantic web of threads. This is the unified Field of which the quantum-physicists speak of. Before i go further into this, first something else.  

Everyone knows more or less the story that Darwin visited the Galapagos-islands. Looking at all these different birds, so the myth goes, he wondered why there were so many gradations. But what Darwin struck even more - and this was never explicitly stated - was the view of so many slaves at Fire-land… Speaking of gradations not only among animals, but also among people!

To use the words of James Moore who wrote a fine Darwin-biography: 'Darwin was a witness of an ethnic purification in Patagonia, of the murder of all female indians over 20 years, to prevent them from having children. And only God knows what happened to all of the young girls! He personally shook the hand of the governors of the Spanish colonial regime who commissioned these killings. He did not actually see these murders but realized then and there that some people behaved like animals.'

Another fact that should give us some more insight in the person Darwin was, is also of the greatest importance. How many of us for example know that Darwin and his family, as well as his family-in-law, were very important pioneers in the striving towards the liberation of the black slaves.

Instead of lobbying or demonstrating, Darwin decided to try and fix the problem from within inside. So, you see, if there was anything that gave Darwin his inner fire or drive, which led him directly towards his scientific work, it was the fact that from the very beginning he wrestled with a great moral passion. The question that really mattered to him was: 'How can you make brothers and sisters from all people?' The answer was: 'Prove to them they are all one big happy family.' And that is exactly what Darwin did.

When reading his manuscript, it's interesting to notice that Darwin used the word 'evolution' but once: at the very end, in his last sentence. The word 'creation' on the other hand, is being used a lot. If we understand Darwin's personal struggle with God, we understand more of his work. 

For Darwin, as for most people of his time, it was very simple: God existed. God was always present, an obviousness, a commonplace. But then his 10-year-old daughter Annie died. Darwin's inner struggle to cope with this tremendous loss led him to a serious belief-crisis. It's easy to understand this father's cryings for they still are the cryings of millions of people today on this planet. 'If there is a God, why, oh why did He take a child so innocent as this one? Why does He give life if only to take it from us again?'

The answer off course lies in the understanding of God, in what people believe Him to be. Darwin began de-constructing God so to speak. Which was a very good thing because the catholic church made people believe that God was some kind of father-figure with a long grey beard, sitting on a throne in the Heavens, playing with people and judging and punishing them. That this church still suffered from the events that took place at Atlantis, is something that should be realized on a much larger scale, for it helps us to understand why this church behaves as she does and what really happened.

The great war at Atlantis was a war between men that once were wise like the Gods and had long beards but later became selfish and arrogant. Those who have seen The Lord of the Rings, will remember Gandalf as the good 'wizard' and Sauruman as the evil one. Something similar happened back then in Atlantis and this world still suffers it's consequences. You see, that is how evolution really works. In other words: evolution = karma; it is the regular development of potential possibilities. 

In the highest Reality possible (which i therefor write with a capital R), cause and consequence do not exist as here, on the 'lower' levels of life. Here, on the much more dense or material levels, everything is always the result of previous actions. Even the Big Bang was a result of a previous action, meaning that everything that had happened before, was captured in seeds - potential possibillities - that later started a new world. And so, for that matter, mankind today is the result of a mankind that lived a long time ago.

Now, you can say that people are the same because on the highest level - the level of their Souls - they are. We all come from the same Source. In our hearts, the same Love is beating, making us truly One. Nevertheless, there are differences among us due to the simple fact that there never was a sudden creation out of nothing. There never was one group to start with but always several projections of the Spirit.  

There have always been creatures of high and low levels that appear at the same time. That explains why there are people who behave (worse) like animals (=lower level), and people that for example fight for the birthrights of others (=higher level). In Darwin's time, the people that were wide awake strived towards the liberation of the black slaves. In our time it is the 99% that stand up against the 1%. They fight for everyone's right, including the rights for the animals and the nature on this planet.

Due to the fact that time plays an important role, some seeds see the Light faster then others and therefor ripe faster then others. Don't mistake me: to be faster then someone else doesn't make you a better person; it's just that you understand that the one that doesn't see the Light yet, is simply more slow and needs more time. Off course this 'needing more time' can't be stretched endlessly. Everything has it's own time; even the Winds and Stars are measured. In other words: lessons need to be learned. When, for example, so many wars still don't wake people up, at a certain moment, nothing ever will. And that is when the End Time or the Apocalypse starts.

At the and of a certain measured period, the hour always comes that the up-rising, the acceleration will come to a final stop. That is when the seeds that have not opened up yet, will not open up anymore in this period but will probably do so in the next world to come.

In short: the scientific version of evolution is not complete and, as always, science needs a helping hand from the philosophy or the secret doctrine of the wise men on this planet.

(Coming soon: Time to talk about Darwin. Part 2.)