maandag 22 april 2013

9 11 The Great Conspiracy

After having an interesting talk over the past weekend, i realized that there are still people out there that actually believe the official story about 9/11. Time to wake them up, is what i say. And the video beneath can help with that. 

maandag 8 april 2013

The Pyramids

that stand in Egypt on the platform of Gizeh (Giza) have not unrevealed their secrets yet. After so many years, they still look down on us, playing with our minds, puzzling our hearts. The official story tells us that they were made by thousands of slaves who worked for the great pharaohs. Although not a single dead body was found in them, the most accepted notion is that the Pyramids were tombs. From my own memory, i can assure you, that these Pyramids tell us a completely different story. One that is in fact very, very old. 

A long time ago, when the Earth was visited by the people of the Light - people of a much higher or spiritual dimension - the platform of Giza was the first place they set foot on the ground and met the people of the inner-Earth. Sacred bonds were made at that time. Bonds that would outlive all ages and that were blessed by our great ancestors in the skies: the Sun and the Moon. In those days, when the higher consciousness came to Earth, you could hear music everywhere. The heavens were not sealed as they are today and so heavenly sounds were everywhere to be heard. Together with these sounds of music, there was a light that glowed from within everyone and everything, connecting everyone and everything. Manifesting 'things' was easy and could be done in split-seconds because there was simply no difference between the outside and the inside of all things. But... why would you manifest 'things' if everything that is needed is directly provided? Yes, all were truly ONE. 

Off course, the people of the Light, knew that the Golden Age - as this kind of period is called - would gradually transform in other Ages. Ages in which the physical would gradually become more and more important, due to the physical connection with the Earth itself. It's a logical process if you think about it. The physical Earth has laws of its own, and when you become more and more a part of the physical, you will start to live under these physical laws.

In the beginning, everything was done to keep the connection with the Light as stable and pure as possible. Every action on Earth was a ritual by nature, reflecting the actions that were once made in the heavens. After a while, that work became more and more difficult because more and more people became more and more physical. Until the first humans arrived - were born - which 'lost' their direct connection with the Light. This was the beginning of a new Age: the Silver Age.

The people of the Silver Age were 'clouded' and needed physical help from others to be able to reconnect again. They also needed a more physical environment. Now an Academy needed to be build and teachers installed to help them remember their connection. It was a logical thing to use the original landing place as a sort of switchboard and build this Academy - and others - where the veil between the heavens and the Earth was the most transparent. This was the beginning of the actual - the physical - building of the Pyramids. The so called first stage that had emerged from the spiritual light-print.

At first, the ones who taught the others were also the leaders of the people. Spirituality, economy, politics and everything else was truly ONE. Until the bonds were broken by those who not only lost their connection with the Light but didn't know and believe anymore there was a Light. They accused the keepers of the Light of being to much in control, of manipulating the people. They spoke of power which they wanted to have for themselves. They could not understand anymore that the Light - and the teachers or keepers of the Light - never used this power for themselves but for the greater good of everyone and everything. Instead of learning how Life evolves towards more and more freedom and Light, they felt threatened and wanted to close the channels for higher inspiration. In stead of learning about the multi-dimensional Self, they turned towards the five-senses-system and became more and more interested in how this system could provide them with power by controlling and manipulating the physical dimension. In short: their focus turned away from the Light and into darkness. They thought they were alone in this darkness, without any help or guidance from the higher dimensional levels. They became very desperate and then more and more aggressive and even violent. The ones who still lived by the old laws, were hunted down and killed. No sounds were heard in those days, but the ones of people crying. The heavens wept, mixing its water with the red blood of the first people who truly died. The Academies were used for completely different purposes - to gain power over the people - until they became 'dead' monuments, stared at by tourists. In silence, they wait patiently for the Light to return.  

Our society nowadays thinks it's the most evolved society that has ever lived but that is not true. Our age is the Iron Age. We are at the bottom of a tidal wave that is just beginning to move up again. The changes we see happen in the world today, are simply signs, telling us that the time is changing again. The five-senses-system-train has reached it's final station. More and more people have realized that they want to get out before the train will crash and by doing so, they are not only helping themselves but the entire planet. They ARE the change. Maybe they don't know it on a conscious level, but what they are doing is listening and giving birth to their multi-dimensional Self, which will lead us all back to the Light. 

With this story in mind, i bet you will watch the presented links (The Pyramid Code - Episode 1-5) with a total new pair of eyes. 

Enjoy them on you tube, while you still can...