zondag 16 september 2018

Hi there!

It's been a while. I've just been browsing through my blog-archive. I wrote 60 blogs in 2012, 21 in 2013, 11 in 2014 and the following years just one or two. Remarkable. Does this mean i've lost my appetite for writing? On the contrary!

The thing is: I was so excited when my first book came out in 2012 that, for a while at least, i could not stop talking and writing about it. At that time i also choose not to give speeches or lectures in public so a blog seemed to be a good idea. Then after a couple of years i started to do research for what would become a second book. And now... that second book is finished! So here i am again :) 

I would really like to be able to work with a publisher this time. So at the moment i am still waiting for some publishers to evaluate my new work. Thumbs up that i receive some good news one of the following days! If not, i will off course publish it myself again. With the help of a print-on-demand publisher, as i did with my first-born.

What is the new book about?

Well, the new book reveals some of the highlights of my eternal life.

I use these so-called testemonies as evidence that the infinite consciousness - the Soul - has access to other realms in our Multiverse, and that it can take on different forms. 

For many lives i was trained in various realms. I am/was a space/time-traveller and now I am here to tell you about that. You can imagine (or not) that the history of mankind on this planet is not quite what you've been told! Let alone the future!

The new book talks (again) about the new/old paradigm that the Universe is a Super-Intelligent Force and that people are so much more interesting then they've been told for so many centuries. The human consciousness is definitely not a product of the brain. It is exactly the way around! The Soul-consciousness works together with the body in order to give both people and the Super-Intelligent Force the experience of living.

So yes: there is a meaning to all of this! People are here on this wonderful planet to work on themselves - to raise their consciousness - so they can connect and identify more and more with this Super-Intelligent Force... and expand and be free and live with the other species all over the Multiverse.

At the moment a global awakening is happening. People need to surf this wave and wake up and become more human as in more evolved human beings. Like seeds, people need to grow towards the one and only light of the Truth. The more people raise their vibration, the more they see of the bigger picture, the more they see through the lies and secrets. Never forget: there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of because on the highest of levels, there is only LOVE and INNER-STANDING.

The out of balance-situation we see on a daily basis everywhere in the world, is the result of  a serious lack of insight. Not from the world-leaders - they deliberately keep a lot of information from the people because they profit themselves from their secrets - but from the people themselves. We - everyone of us - need to dig deeper into ourself and find out what is really TRUE. 

That's it for now. I will be back in touch soon. Hopefully with some good news!