zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Pleiadian Message 2012 - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Ask yourself:

what would i rather contribute to and experience while our kind and each and every one of us, makes the present evolutionary passage? Make no mistake: we are evolving from the five-sensual experience to the multi-sensual; from the evolution by means of five-sensual research of the physical reality to the evolution by means of justified choice under control and with aid of non-phyical guides and teachers. 

Ask yourself: do i feel comfortable with the idea that the Universe is strange and death, and implies nothing except what my five senses can discover?

How does my heart react when i think about the fact that the Universe is alive, that it has compassion and that i am able to work together with it and other, strong and enlightened souls to gather knowledge?

Think about how the future will look like when it's build upon the energy of the five-sensual personality. Then think about how the future will look like when it's build upon the energy of the soul which is multi-sensual. What would you like more?

Give yourself the chance to become conscious of what you feel. 

Allow yourself to choose the most positive behavior you can imagine.   
If you consciously get rid of your negative energy, if you determine your intentions by the clues of your heart, if you step up to your fears and decide to become ONE, you will bring your five-sensual personality into agreement with your very soul. And then you will be on your vertical way to become a being of Light: entirely whole, powerful and sure of yourself.

Become a body in a soul, not a soul in a body. Reach for your soul with everything you are. Then reach some more. Where creation and authentic power arise - the exact middle point between all energy and matter - there you will find the seat of the soul. What does it feel like to reach that point, you think?

I can assure you: to become spiritually adult is very exciting ;)

(Free translation of the last page of The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.)