zondag 8 december 2013

The Stan Romanek Story.

The reason i chose this story of Stan Romanek is simply because it is an interesting document of someone who went through a very emotional life-changing process. Stan was a non-believer and very critical for a long time. In the beginning, he did not have a clue of what was happening to him. In the end, he wrote 3 books ('Messages', 'Answers' and 'The Orion Regressions') and became a bestseller-author. The way this man stood up and fought for his ideas - no matter how daring they were and still are - can only be welcomed with our respect. Off course, some people will not believe his story. I can only hope that they will dig deeper, not only in his material but also in themselves. As Stan says: 'Our Planet Earth is situated in the Milky Way, at the Orion Arm. Not only is our Sun one of about 200 billion stars, our Galaxy is also one of about 300 billion other Galaxies. It would be really stupid to assume we are the only ones out there.'

The other reason i am presenting this story to you, is that our planet plays a part in a fantastic, wonderful story that involves All of the Universe. That is why mankind on this Earth can be truly called 'StarSeeds' which are developing towards One-ness.

The last thing i want to say to you, before you start watching this movie, is that you need to keep in mind that some people need actual physical evidence before they can lift up the lid and let the light come in. A paradigm-shift is never easy, no matter how you look at it. That's why, sometimes, physical evidence is being given. The fact that other people are sometimes more easily 'convinced' - for example through lucid dreams - is therefor not because they are more 'stupid' or easy to 'influence' but because they are more sensitive already.

There are different ways to establish contact. Like there are many different levels of consciousness on this planet, there are also many different levels of consciousness outside of this planet. The ones outside who don't respect the Zone of Free Will, placed upon this Earth, play a dirty came as the sometimes intervene in human lives. To actually kidnap people is not only a very disrespectful way of treating human lives, it is also a very unnatural thing to do. You see, Nature intended for us to get inspired by the invisible Light of the Sun (to eat its blood and drink its wine) so our consciousness can open itself, like a seed, and enter the higher dimensions. Don't mistake me however: we were never left alone, there has always been help. You see, from time to time, humans who have already seen this Light will voluntary incarnate on this planet to stand by the human race and help them to achieve this goal. For example, in the days of Ancient Egypt, everyone knew Osiris originated from Orion. And his wife Isis came from Sirius. Even Jezus came from elsewhere. Off course they were not the only ones.

Do hope you enjoy this movie ;)

Stan Romanek mentions Betty Hill which is interesting because she and her husband Barney were kidnapped by an 'alien' delegation in 1961. The couple suffered from great trauma afterwards and went into therapy. The following movie was based upon these therapy-sessions. Apparently Betty Hill drew a map of a star-contellation that was not even discovered at that time.


It may be hard to understand, especially after what you've read and seen up to this point, that, in my opinion, aliens are always good. It's when underdeveloped people learn about some of their powers and light-speed-technology and start to use this information in an unnatural or bad way, that you get 'aliens' who sometimes stop at nothing in order to control others. This is also what Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde states in the following documentary (at 21min28).


With all of the above information carefully stored in our minds, we can start connecting the dots. For example, the story of Stan Romanek. It may at first seem like something to weird for words, but then the real story starts to unfold. That is: for those willing to see. So, are you ready? Here's how the real story goes. 

Once upon a time… Stan found himself in the middle of a 'fight' between real aliens - the beautiful woman and the 9 little children from which 7 were alike (sounds like a fairytale, no?) - who tried to help him in every possible way because people from this planet who are messing with advanced space-technology, were using him and his family as test-subjects! 

And the same story probably goes for Betty and her Barney as well. 

And for who knows how many others. I mean, if you realize that 9-11 (the so called 'terrorist' attack on the Twin Towers of New York) was orchestrated by the same people that rule the United States of Whatever… anything is possible. Like all the people in the above movie state: 'Off course there is a secret space program!'  

So, ok, there is the people - like you and me - and there are the ones that are technically spoken way ahead of us. Indeed, the 99% and the 1%. But this doesn't mean we are about to lose the struggle for equal rights for everyone on this planet! The 1%, and i'm talking about millions and millions of people out there (!), have something very valuable in common. You see, they have begun the Great Work that each and everyone of us should do and that is to raise their own consciousness. 

Whether you want it or not: the fact that you are actually reading this blog, is already opening your mind ;) 

The uprise has begun. From the depths of the Iron Age we have moved into the Bronze or Electrical Age. In the future, there is a Golden Age that awaits us. More and more it will become clear now that not only few people do the Great Work, but the Great Work itself is denied by the actual people who rule the system. 

Take care… keep up the good, the Great Work! Oh, and do stay tuned for 'Time to talk about Darwin. Part two.'

zaterdag 9 november 2013

Time to talk about Darwin. Part one.

Today, at the end of the year 2013, it's becoming more and more clear - for those who are ready to see -  that something is not completely right about the whole evolution-theory. Like everything else in history, what Darwin tried to describe in his work 'On the origin' must be held against the light of his particular time.

Darwin lived in a time where the catholic church had the final word in just about everything. This church believed that the year of creation and the year of the beginning of human history were identical. For many years, people believed - or were made to believe - that creation took place at October 22, 4004 BC, in the evening around 6 o'clock. You can imagine what a slap in the face it was when modern science discovered the first fossils!

Modern scientists at that time thought the catholic church was really stupid. But what these scientists did not understand, and what scientists today finally are re-discovering, is that there is something that is holding all these events together; something that can be compared with a gigantic web of threads. This is the unified Field of which the quantum-physicists speak of. Before i go further into this, first something else.  

Everyone knows more or less the story that Darwin visited the Galapagos-islands. Looking at all these different birds, so the myth goes, he wondered why there were so many gradations. But what Darwin struck even more - and this was never explicitly stated - was the view of so many slaves at Fire-land… Speaking of gradations not only among animals, but also among people!

To use the words of James Moore who wrote a fine Darwin-biography: 'Darwin was a witness of an ethnic purification in Patagonia, of the murder of all female indians over 20 years, to prevent them from having children. And only God knows what happened to all of the young girls! He personally shook the hand of the governors of the Spanish colonial regime who commissioned these killings. He did not actually see these murders but realized then and there that some people behaved like animals.'

Another fact that should give us some more insight in the person Darwin was, is also of the greatest importance. How many of us for example know that Darwin and his family, as well as his family-in-law, were very important pioneers in the striving towards the liberation of the black slaves.

Instead of lobbying or demonstrating, Darwin decided to try and fix the problem from within inside. So, you see, if there was anything that gave Darwin his inner fire or drive, which led him directly towards his scientific work, it was the fact that from the very beginning he wrestled with a great moral passion. The question that really mattered to him was: 'How can you make brothers and sisters from all people?' The answer was: 'Prove to them they are all one big happy family.' And that is exactly what Darwin did.

When reading his manuscript, it's interesting to notice that Darwin used the word 'evolution' but once: at the very end, in his last sentence. The word 'creation' on the other hand, is being used a lot. If we understand Darwin's personal struggle with God, we understand more of his work. 

For Darwin, as for most people of his time, it was very simple: God existed. God was always present, an obviousness, a commonplace. But then his 10-year-old daughter Annie died. Darwin's inner struggle to cope with this tremendous loss led him to a serious belief-crisis. It's easy to understand this father's cryings for they still are the cryings of millions of people today on this planet. 'If there is a God, why, oh why did He take a child so innocent as this one? Why does He give life if only to take it from us again?'

The answer off course lies in the understanding of God, in what people believe Him to be. Darwin began de-constructing God so to speak. Which was a very good thing because the catholic church made people believe that God was some kind of father-figure with a long grey beard, sitting on a throne in the Heavens, playing with people and judging and punishing them. That this church still suffered from the events that took place at Atlantis, is something that should be realized on a much larger scale, for it helps us to understand why this church behaves as she does and what really happened.

The great war at Atlantis was a war between men that once were wise like the Gods and had long beards but later became selfish and arrogant. Those who have seen The Lord of the Rings, will remember Gandalf as the good 'wizard' and Sauruman as the evil one. Something similar happened back then in Atlantis and this world still suffers it's consequences. You see, that is how evolution really works. In other words: evolution = karma; it is the regular development of potential possibilities. 

In the highest Reality possible (which i therefor write with a capital R), cause and consequence do not exist as here, on the 'lower' levels of life. Here, on the much more dense or material levels, everything is always the result of previous actions. Even the Big Bang was a result of a previous action, meaning that everything that had happened before, was captured in seeds - potential possibillities - that later started a new world. And so, for that matter, mankind today is the result of a mankind that lived a long time ago.

Now, you can say that people are the same because on the highest level - the level of their Souls - they are. We all come from the same Source. In our hearts, the same Love is beating, making us truly One. Nevertheless, there are differences among us due to the simple fact that there never was a sudden creation out of nothing. There never was one group to start with but always several projections of the Spirit.  

There have always been creatures of high and low levels that appear at the same time. That explains why there are people who behave (worse) like animals (=lower level), and people that for example fight for the birthrights of others (=higher level). In Darwin's time, the people that were wide awake strived towards the liberation of the black slaves. In our time it is the 99% that stand up against the 1%. They fight for everyone's right, including the rights for the animals and the nature on this planet.

Due to the fact that time plays an important role, some seeds see the Light faster then others and therefor ripe faster then others. Don't mistake me: to be faster then someone else doesn't make you a better person; it's just that you understand that the one that doesn't see the Light yet, is simply more slow and needs more time. Off course this 'needing more time' can't be stretched endlessly. Everything has it's own time; even the Winds and Stars are measured. In other words: lessons need to be learned. When, for example, so many wars still don't wake people up, at a certain moment, nothing ever will. And that is when the End Time or the Apocalypse starts.

At the and of a certain measured period, the hour always comes that the up-rising, the acceleration will come to a final stop. That is when the seeds that have not opened up yet, will not open up anymore in this period but will probably do so in the next world to come.

In short: the scientific version of evolution is not complete and, as always, science needs a helping hand from the philosophy or the secret doctrine of the wise men on this planet.

(Coming soon: Time to talk about Darwin. Part 2.)

dinsdag 10 september 2013

I am ashamed!

I am ashamed of the fact that, after hundreds of years, 'modern' science (i generalize) still believes that the ancient people who, for example, build Stonehenge were primitive! I am ashamed of those people who keep on publishing this it as if it were a scientific proven fact! And i am even more ashamed of all those people who actually believe this lie, because that is what it is: a lie!

I mean: who is primitive here?! To deny the very existence of stone-calendars and star-clocks, beautifully shaped according to the natural environment (which is called geo-morfology) is to deny a kind of wisdom that has ruled this planet for several thousands of years! Apparently, this wisdom is to hard to understand for some people nowadays and that is why they don't even try to understand it anymore. But let me tell you: this act of not even trying - not even willing to try! - is maybe more criminal then an actual criminal act because it seriously blocks the evolution of mankind on this planet!

It is high time we start to realize that we are not standing at the top of a curve that went up since the so called beginning of mankind on this planet. We did not 'slowly' evolve from some primitive state such as the monkeys are called. Our history is much more complicated then that. We need to realize that the level of development that we attribute to ancient cultures is determined by the level of development that our own thoughts and insights allow them to have. This is true not only for the way we look at their architectural achievements, but also in our translations of the writings they have left us, or the way we view the structure of their culture. Our limitations thus become their limitations!

Blinded by their own extensive knowledge of their field, scientists and scholars are generally reluctant tot relativize conventual beliefs, to get out of their comfort zone and allow new light to be shed on orthodox views, particularly if this new light is unfamiliar and, in their opinion, cannot be trusted. The scientific courage to launch an in-depth, inter-disciplinary investigation into our past is lacking, barred by vested interests and reputations that stand in the way of a necessary re-vision of our current world view. But... is it not every philosopher and scientist's dream to keep an open mind without pre-conceived points of view and to get to know things in their true nature and define them?

Luckily for me and for you, i don't care about my reputation but i do care about this world. I see it as my duty to finally come out of the closet with what i have known to be true since i was a little child. Believe me, or not: i do speak out of my own experience and memory.

Let's take a closer look at one of the ancient sciences that has been cruelly cut of from the chest of modern science: astrology. Astrology, in the sense of advanced insights in the working of the influences of the different planets and star signs, and of course the forecast of the future by understanding the present, was something that belonged to the Ancient Wisdom as falling leaves belong to the ground. Not only was astrology a daily, returning given on the level of everyday life, but it was also of great importance on the level of much bigger life-cycles. Today we live on this planet as if there is no tomorrow and this probably explains why it is so hard for some people to imagine that when life is lived with the future constantly at present, is becomes a totally different concept; a far more conscious concept i dare say.

Traces of this high-standard - not primitive! - ancient life will reveal themselves to the ones who keep an open mind without pre-conceived points of view. They are the visionaries that dedicate their lives to the sole purpose of raising and expanding the human consciousness and therefor the quality of life for everyone on this planet. Once you start to rub the dirt out of your eyes, you'll see that there are traces enough.

For example, the globe made by the Frenchman Oronteus Finaeus in 1531 shows 'oddly enough' the continent of Antarctica, which, according to our current view of history, should be impossible, as that continent was 'first discovered' as recently as 1820 by Russian expedition leader von Bellingshausen...

The Turin Papyrus which dates back to the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II (13th century BC), fixes the beginning of Egyptian history in 11.248 BC. The going idea still is that the eldest civilizations arose around 3.000 BC... You see, the contents of this papyrus alone completely overturn the existing chronology! What is even far more interesting is that the Ancient Egyptians explicitly stated their intention in their writings. They wanted their fundamental view of the world to be preserved down the millennia. Nevertheless, we are about to lose the central core of their legacy forever, a world view that we cannot afford to lose. Why not? The answer is complicated and yet very simple: for we must learn from our mistakes.

A history of Ancient Stonehenge - of Egypt, Mexico, Bolivia, ... - without a proper framework cannot be called a history. We need to know the beginning and the end. Because the Ancient Egyptians themselves alluded to the cradle of their civilization, we need to ask ourself the question where that cradle was located. The answer is stated in over more then a thousand 'myths' on this planet because they all talk about 'the great flood'. Plato, the Ancient Greek explicitly reported that the Island of Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean - hence the name! - beyond Gibraltar, known at the time as the Pillars of Hercules. According to Plato, the last pieces of Atlantis went down in the ocean around 9.000BC. According to other sources, the total destruction of Atlantis took place in three stages, beginning with the first stage around 50.000 BC. 

Nowadays it's very hard for people to grasp the concept that what once was known all over the world, today is buried under tons of water... And after all, so many years of 'scientific' research has 'proven' Atlantis to be a fantasy, born from the minds of dreamers. Off course it is the other way around: it is science that has been dreaming. Atlantis was our previous cradle and make no mistake: long before the events occurred that still dwell in our minds, some of the initiates knew what was going to happen. 

Long before and in silence these heirs prepared for the future in lands they knew would survive the upcoming destructions caused by the darkened consciousness of mankind. All trough this process, they were (spiritually) guided by their ancestors who already or still lived in other dimensions of the skies and intermediated between Earth and other planets and planetary systems. According to Edgar Cayce the construction of the library of Alexandria (Ancient Egypt) was constructed by the Atlantic heirs in 10.300 BC. 

Think about it. This explains why civilizations such as the Maya's and Egyptians 'all of a sudden' came to life 'from out of nowhere' and flourished such as they did without any so called trace of a run-up period. No, they did not slowly evolve from some primitive state but came from Atlantis and therefor were the legacy of Ancient, Wise men. Not only are each and every one of the ancient building complexes - Gizeh (Egypt), Stonehenge (England), Teotihuacan (Mexico) and Tiahuanaco (Bolivia) - astronomically aligned, they are also connected with each other. 

The moment you start to open your eyes, you start to see the connections between all those places. And then you will not understand anymore how it is possible you have been blind for so long! Modern science must start recognizing this fact for it simply is the Truth. The longer modern science will deny us our true history, the longer they will keep mankind enslaved to theories that are nothing more then bed-time-stories for little children. It is high time we break out of the prison modern science has build for us!

Don't mistake me. Around 1600 modern science broke away from the catholic church which was necessary and therefor a good thing. Time had came for people to break away from an institute that denied the independence of each individual. Meaning: the path which led to independent thinking was made free. The result is visible today: millions and millions of people have started to think! The next step in our evolution is already visible for those who can see or are willing to see. It has to do with the way we think

Our current so called democratic society is material-based and therefor does not accept the very existence of the soul, let alone the Soul! But it is no coincidence that modern science - with the quantum-theory on head - has re-discovered Her existence, the existence of what they call the Field (an other translation is the Field of Unity). Time has finally come again that they both need to work together in order to create a truly human society.

Yes, I am ashamed but i am also thrilled! It is only a matter of time before both concepts will be completely understood and connected again such as they were meant to be, like in the Ancient Time. The result will be a spiritual science that connects heaven and earth. As it is above, so will it be down below.

Needless to say that this new way of living, will bring Atlantis back to life. You see, like an individual person is being born under a certain star- and planet-constellation, so is mankind and so is this world. Astrology today is very much under appreciated because, at the dawn of modern science, it was considered a wicked thing, a meaningless result of some primitive form of superstition. Ignorance of its profound meaning led to more and bigger mistakes and here we are now, at the break of the New Age, with, generally spoken, no clue of what astrology can tell us about the way the world turns. 

When the G20 have their annual meeting, soaked in luxury, i cannot strip myself from the thought of how different their little get-together must be in comparison with the holy services of the ancient rulers of the world... and how poor. If only they knew and understood the great influence underneath the surface, i am sure that they would see the current world-problems for what they truly are: they are challenges, possibilities to grow, not on an economic level but on a spiritual one. Like Leonard Cohen once said: 'There is a crack in everything, that's where the light comes in'.


zondag 18 augustus 2013

Pythagoras' Sacred Geometry.

I chose this movie because i'm really glad that it begins with a very simple question, but it is a question that nowadays takes a lot of courage to ask. 'Has there ever been a historic figure or culture that has had extraterrestrial contact or origin...?'

Second, i'm more then thrilled to hear again those ancient words that speak of a being - Astreios - who knows that 'purifying the psychic vehicle' will bring him back to where he once came from.

Last, but not in the least, i really like the animation-part in which Donald Duck presents the 'Fundamental Programming Language of the Universe'. Even a child will easily understand the message!

Hope you will enjoy!

maandag 29 juli 2013

The Golden Thread,

the constant re-appearance of the Ancient or Ageless Wisdom - that body of inner or esoteric teaching handed down from remote times in a form suitable to the period - has always attracted the minds of thoughtful people. Through its remarkable preservation and continuity it has been compared to a golden thread: a spiritual life-line waxing or waning in clarity and intensity from century to century. 

There is a beautiful story from the Grecian 'mythology' that shines a brilliant light on the matter. It's called the story of the Thread of Ariadne. Ariadne gave a ball of golden thread to Theseus to be unwound as he travelled through the tortuously winding paths of the gloomy labyrinth of Crete into which he had been sent by the King, ostensibly as a sacrifice, but in reality to slay the Minotaur which dwelt at its centre... It was only by means of this gleaming thread, held firmly throughout his terrifying journey, that Theseus was able to return safely out of the dark and tangled maze - after slaying the Minotaur. 

When we realize (and the Aquarian truth-seekers do!) that all of the characters in this story play another, an occult or hidden character, we also understand that in fact this story offers us a deeper, reasoned explanation that all is energy at different levels of manifestation. The King for example is Spirit. Ariadne is the Soul. Theseus is the personality. The Minotaur is Ignorance, Greed and Selfishness. The Labyrinth (its centre) is the darkest stage of the descent. The Golden Threat is what is known as the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. 

Earth's first contact with the essence of this inner, Ageless Wisdom is thought to have taken place millions of years ago before any kind of record was possible. As described within the annals of the Ageless Wisdom the story of its inception and its development through many thousands of years is both instructive and inspiring and suggests the existence of both purpose and plan to all but the confirmed materialist or determined pessimist. To many there is strong evidence of design, a guarantee of wise guidance from behind the scenes, in spite of seeming evidence to the contrary when only short periods of time are considered. 

Today in the transition period from the emotionally conditioned 2,160 years of the Piscean age of the Fishes into the mentally oriented age of Aquarius, Bearer of the Waters of Knowledge (which is a lesser cycle in comparison to the beginning of a greater one of 25,000 years' duration, as our sun, having completed a major revolution through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, begins a new solar year which is also governed by the sign of Aquarius!) we find many who are strongly attracted to the Ageless Wisdom but demand mental support for what they intuitively feel to be in line with truth. This is probably the main reason for the very existence of this blog: to encourage the mentally keen as well as the primarily intuitive seeker. 

Ancient sages have long taught that the soul of each person overshadowed by Spirit has become temporarily immersed in the material world so that through the experience of many lives on Earth (=reincarnation) each may develop his latent soul powers, thus obeying that rather perplexing command 'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect'. For man is still the prodigal son in a far country, though already on his return journey to his father's home with the assurance that 'when afar off' he will be met and welcomed. 

Belonging to any religion or to none, and according to his stage of evolution, the seeker finds within the esoteric teachings of his day the means of understanding his spiritual and psychic self through meditation, study and service. It is in this manner, and after many lives of such experience, that the Elders of the human race - the Wise Men - have already reached that stage of relative perfection prescribed for us in every religion, its attainment being gradually achieved through the understanding of esoteric science and, above all, through living according to the teaching. 

The logical outcome of such achievement is the existence of the Great White Brotherhood, also called the Occult Hierarchy, with its central council known as the Inner Government of the World. (These three designations can be inter-changeable and allude, generally speaking, to the same body.) Among its members are the great World Teachers such as the Christ and the Buddha and the Masters of Wisdom who are referred to in many old scriptures. They have already reached the stage where they do not need to reincarnate, though some choose to do so for humanity's benefit. These beings are the custodians of what is called 'The Great Plan', which is part of a greater purpose. They lead and encourage the development of all esoteric teachings, they in fact preserve the existence and the continuity of the golden life-line, using all earthly channels available at any given time for spreading love, wisdom and knowledge in the manner in which  humanity is best able to receive them. If we realize that man himself is a channel - conscious or unconscious - we start to realize the meaning of the age-old counsel 'Man, know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and God!' Or how important their and our own work at any given time is...

(Thanks to 'The Golden Thread' - Natalie N. Banks)

zaterdag 6 juli 2013


in case you didn't know, is what it is all about. True love for everything and everyone. True love is about giving, not taking. Weather your love is answered or not, does not make any difference. True love is wise and patient and can wait, even if she has to wait much longer then she had ever expected or imagined.

Like everything in nature, true love changes but never ages or grows old. Like the waters, the winds and the soil, she stays forever young. 

True love hears the sounds of all living souls and she acknowledges that the same language of true love is everywhere to be found. Mostly in the smallest and simplest of all things. The Sun and the Moon at night, the biggest stars and the smallest raindrops, the snowflakes and the falling leaves on their way to the ground, the clouds passing us by in the endless skies. The silence between us. All dwell in the realm of true love.

Like the smell of flowers or herbs, true love is fragile. Like a bed of feathers, true love is soft and warm. 

True love is clear as crystal. She opens her hart for everyone. She never judges but understands there is an order in which all things fulfill their unique destination. True love never forces itself upon this order of things. True love can let go when it's time to let go but is also capable of a good honest fight when that's required.

True love is not ashamed! True love is not insecure! She is harmless and innocent as a child.  

True love doesn't believe but knows. No matter how hard this world will try to break her nature or stain the sweetness of her face, she will not lose her smile or sell her soul, oh no!

True love was the first and will be the last. She is complete but empty, a source of light to bright to be seen by the human eye.

True love is a blessing. A balsam. An insight of the deepest kind. An inauguration.

True love is the truth in a perfect disguise.


donderdag 13 juni 2013

Thinking Allowed!

I just love Fred Alan Wolf. For me, he's like a partner-in-crime. Like myself, he's actually being called to initiate other people.

In the following interview Fred talks about sacred sounds and their holographic impact, the vibration or quantum-wave-nature of all matter and the so called 'objective' reality. According to Fred, shamans vibrate on a higher level because they know/live in the world of the spirits where everything is meaningful. Jung would have called this 'synchronicity'. One of Fred's points is that the shamanic tradition is very old and therefor modern physicists should develop an interest at the very least. They might actually learn a thing or two ;)

Fred Alan Wolf:  Part 1 Complete Shamanic Physics -- A Thinking Allowed ...

maandag 3 juni 2013

Great news again!

'Crystal pyramids discovered at the Bermuda triangle'.

So, is Atlantis finally being discovered? Let me enlighten you with some facts. 

1. In april 2002, trained divers from the Indian National Institute of Oceanography and a scientific expedition-team from Dorset/England, discovered a ruin underwater before the coast of Mahabalipuram at the South of India. It seemed to be the remains of a temple-complex of the Pallava-dynasty. During the 7th century BC this complex was well known for its many temples at Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. Why six of them sunk at the bottom of the sea still remains a mystery to this modern day. The local myths though explain that once this was a stunningly beautiful city and that the Gods got so jealous, they sunk it all - except one temple - in only one day. 

2. When you go diving at Yonaguni/Japan, realize that you will see something else beside some notorious sharks. A scientific team of the University of Okinawa concluded that the local sea-bottom contains ruins of constructions that were probably build before the end of the last ice-age. We are talking about man-made constructions (they are +/-200 meters high and +/-35 meters high) that saw the light around 8.000 years ago. So this would mean that these are the eldest ruins on the planet. If, off course, all the other ruins are dated right. The Piramids of Gizeh/Egypt and the Sfinx for example seem to be much older then first was assumed... Oh, and by the way, Egyptian 'myths' tell us all about the Golden Era when the Gods from Orion and Sirius walked this Earth.   

3. Graham Hancock, the world-famous best-seller author, talks in his book Underwater about several underwater ruins that desperately need more examination. His conclusion is that a highly developed civilization occupied this planet a long time ago. Hancock stands not alone. On the contrary. Robert Bauval, John A. West and many, many more have been presenting their ideas to the world for the past years, trying to include - and not exclude - all possibilities. No matter how fantastic.

4. The Atlantic Ocean seems to be exactly where it is for over a million years now. But... what about a million and a half or more ago?

5. The Greek philosopher/writer Plato wrote about the lost continent Atlantis. In his writings Plato also talked about the Sacred Geometry.

6. The wise Greek Pythagoras not only understood this Sacred Geometry but it is said that he  also remembered his past lives.

7. Thousands of 'myths' everywhere on this planet talk about the Gods that fell from the skies. 'Myths' and stories about 'a great flood' were also found everywhere on this planet.

8. Several old maps (Oronteus Finaeus, Buache, Piri Reis) show us that the old world was very different from today.

9. In the West, the catholic church destroyed a lot of human lives. Not only spiritually. Western so called 'modern' science took its place but after more then 400 years, still leaves no room for anything else but the facts they believe to be true.

10. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that the Pyramids of Gizeh/Egypt are not the only pyramids on this planet. Yucatan/Mexico for example is one very big site and used to be, well..., you could say like Manhattan nowadays.

11. Over the past years, thousands of Crop Circles have appeared on this planet. Insiders know that they are telling us that the Sacred Geometry is very much alive and is trying to wake us up. Messages directly to the NASA for example, would probably not be heard by a lot of people.

If we start to add up all of this information (and off course there is a lot more!) + we keep in mind that many clear-voyants (= spiritually evolved people) all over this planet actually have memories of Atlantis and other places, even of other planets, the story of the history of mankind and our planet starts to shift quite drastically.
Why is it so hard for people to consider, just consider, the fact that most of us are not from here? That other planets and their evolution play a very important part in the evolution of our planet today? That life is not a one-time-experience but that you live many, many lives? The answer, off course, my friend, is that we are being told different for so many years now and in so many ways, it's hard to open up for something that sounds to weird for words... Besides: this planet, governed and ruled by money, which is a 3-D God, doesn't want to know the truth because that would mean a complete change and who likes change anyway but the people who truly understand why it is necessary in order to transform into or become a better person?

zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Pleiadian Message 2012 - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Ask yourself:

what would i rather contribute to and experience while our kind and each and every one of us, makes the present evolutionary passage? Make no mistake: we are evolving from the five-sensual experience to the multi-sensual; from the evolution by means of five-sensual research of the physical reality to the evolution by means of justified choice under control and with aid of non-phyical guides and teachers. 

Ask yourself: do i feel comfortable with the idea that the Universe is strange and death, and implies nothing except what my five senses can discover?

How does my heart react when i think about the fact that the Universe is alive, that it has compassion and that i am able to work together with it and other, strong and enlightened souls to gather knowledge?

Think about how the future will look like when it's build upon the energy of the five-sensual personality. Then think about how the future will look like when it's build upon the energy of the soul which is multi-sensual. What would you like more?

Give yourself the chance to become conscious of what you feel. 

Allow yourself to choose the most positive behavior you can imagine.   
If you consciously get rid of your negative energy, if you determine your intentions by the clues of your heart, if you step up to your fears and decide to become ONE, you will bring your five-sensual personality into agreement with your very soul. And then you will be on your vertical way to become a being of Light: entirely whole, powerful and sure of yourself.

Become a body in a soul, not a soul in a body. Reach for your soul with everything you are. Then reach some more. Where creation and authentic power arise - the exact middle point between all energy and matter - there you will find the seat of the soul. What does it feel like to reach that point, you think?

I can assure you: to become spiritually adult is very exciting ;)

(Free translation of the last page of The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.)

maandag 22 april 2013

9 11 The Great Conspiracy

After having an interesting talk over the past weekend, i realized that there are still people out there that actually believe the official story about 9/11. Time to wake them up, is what i say. And the video beneath can help with that. 

maandag 8 april 2013

The Pyramids

that stand in Egypt on the platform of Gizeh (Giza) have not unrevealed their secrets yet. After so many years, they still look down on us, playing with our minds, puzzling our hearts. The official story tells us that they were made by thousands of slaves who worked for the great pharaohs. Although not a single dead body was found in them, the most accepted notion is that the Pyramids were tombs. From my own memory, i can assure you, that these Pyramids tell us a completely different story. One that is in fact very, very old. 

A long time ago, when the Earth was visited by the people of the Light - people of a much higher or spiritual dimension - the platform of Giza was the first place they set foot on the ground and met the people of the inner-Earth. Sacred bonds were made at that time. Bonds that would outlive all ages and that were blessed by our great ancestors in the skies: the Sun and the Moon. In those days, when the higher consciousness came to Earth, you could hear music everywhere. The heavens were not sealed as they are today and so heavenly sounds were everywhere to be heard. Together with these sounds of music, there was a light that glowed from within everyone and everything, connecting everyone and everything. Manifesting 'things' was easy and could be done in split-seconds because there was simply no difference between the outside and the inside of all things. But... why would you manifest 'things' if everything that is needed is directly provided? Yes, all were truly ONE. 

Off course, the people of the Light, knew that the Golden Age - as this kind of period is called - would gradually transform in other Ages. Ages in which the physical would gradually become more and more important, due to the physical connection with the Earth itself. It's a logical process if you think about it. The physical Earth has laws of its own, and when you become more and more a part of the physical, you will start to live under these physical laws.

In the beginning, everything was done to keep the connection with the Light as stable and pure as possible. Every action on Earth was a ritual by nature, reflecting the actions that were once made in the heavens. After a while, that work became more and more difficult because more and more people became more and more physical. Until the first humans arrived - were born - which 'lost' their direct connection with the Light. This was the beginning of a new Age: the Silver Age.

The people of the Silver Age were 'clouded' and needed physical help from others to be able to reconnect again. They also needed a more physical environment. Now an Academy needed to be build and teachers installed to help them remember their connection. It was a logical thing to use the original landing place as a sort of switchboard and build this Academy - and others - where the veil between the heavens and the Earth was the most transparent. This was the beginning of the actual - the physical - building of the Pyramids. The so called first stage that had emerged from the spiritual light-print.

At first, the ones who taught the others were also the leaders of the people. Spirituality, economy, politics and everything else was truly ONE. Until the bonds were broken by those who not only lost their connection with the Light but didn't know and believe anymore there was a Light. They accused the keepers of the Light of being to much in control, of manipulating the people. They spoke of power which they wanted to have for themselves. They could not understand anymore that the Light - and the teachers or keepers of the Light - never used this power for themselves but for the greater good of everyone and everything. Instead of learning how Life evolves towards more and more freedom and Light, they felt threatened and wanted to close the channels for higher inspiration. In stead of learning about the multi-dimensional Self, they turned towards the five-senses-system and became more and more interested in how this system could provide them with power by controlling and manipulating the physical dimension. In short: their focus turned away from the Light and into darkness. They thought they were alone in this darkness, without any help or guidance from the higher dimensional levels. They became very desperate and then more and more aggressive and even violent. The ones who still lived by the old laws, were hunted down and killed. No sounds were heard in those days, but the ones of people crying. The heavens wept, mixing its water with the red blood of the first people who truly died. The Academies were used for completely different purposes - to gain power over the people - until they became 'dead' monuments, stared at by tourists. In silence, they wait patiently for the Light to return.  

Our society nowadays thinks it's the most evolved society that has ever lived but that is not true. Our age is the Iron Age. We are at the bottom of a tidal wave that is just beginning to move up again. The changes we see happen in the world today, are simply signs, telling us that the time is changing again. The five-senses-system-train has reached it's final station. More and more people have realized that they want to get out before the train will crash and by doing so, they are not only helping themselves but the entire planet. They ARE the change. Maybe they don't know it on a conscious level, but what they are doing is listening and giving birth to their multi-dimensional Self, which will lead us all back to the Light. 

With this story in mind, i bet you will watch the presented links (The Pyramid Code - Episode 1-5) with a total new pair of eyes. 

Enjoy them on you tube, while you still can...

maandag 25 maart 2013

Crop circles,

according to physicist Nassim Haramein, are messages from intelligent life outside our planet Earth. To put it in his words: WE ARE BEING CONTACTED!

Now before you should decide NOT to watch the film i selected, you should know that it is a fact that in the year 1974 NASA has sent a message into space, using the Arecibo radio-telescope at Puerto Rico. This message was written in a binary code and contained information about the people here on Earth: what we are made of, how we look and how we communicate. Finally, on the 14th of August 2001 this message was answered, but not in the way it was expected. The message appeared in the field next to the radio-telescope.

According to Haramein and others such as Niels Bagchus, we need to open our eyes for the possibility that 'they' have chosen deliberately for visibility instead of sending a message that only a few can intercept... and hide from the rest of us.
Off course crop messages are still not being taken seriously. Our leaders want us to believe they are all man made. Even though there are hundreds and hundreds of them, and they appear not only in crop fields but also in snow or in areas with trees.
'They are trying to raise our consciousness', Bagchus says. 'In order to understand what is happening we need first to understand that a stone circle such as the one in Stonehenge, is an ethereal replica of a crystal blueprint.' In other words: crop messages are messages written in the language of the light.

I am sorry for the bad quality of this movie, but hey, it's the message that counts. 

zondag 10 maart 2013

The multi-dimensional self

is the sum - and more - of all our aspects that live on every dimensional level you can imagine. We human beings are so much more then what the eye beholds on this third-dimensional level. If you could see yourself the way you really are, you would look like a shining star.

When our galaxy is in alignment with others planets or with the Source of light, it encourages us to do exactly the same. So, to become fully integrated means to align yourself. And to be able to align yourself means to first become aware of all of your aspects on every dimensional level you can imagine. Once you start to discover these aspects, you also start to sense that they are connected in a way that will ultimately lead you back to the beginning. The part of the fairy tale of Hans and Grietje, where they follow the signs they left behind to find their way back home, makes this integration-proces very clear. 

The fairy tale of Hans and Grietje tells us that we left something of ourself behind with every step we took so we could find our way back when needed. The bread crumbs are like a trail of light in the dark. When their lights fade, when the birds eat the crumbs, the road will no longer be found and we will enslave ourself on this planet and in this 3th dimensional body. There is only one way out: we need to learn to trust our own intuition again. Maybe then we learn to speak with the birds who ate the bread crumbs in the first place.  

When we learn to trust our intuition again, we will become stronger and smarter and the bread crumbs, our vague memories, will become certainties, like little stones. Stones embody indicators in which the light is more anchored. Off course, our street lanterns are a later consequence of this, but in fact they are there to stipulate and to remind us that every aspect of ourself is holding some of the same light. Together, all of these lights, form not only your road but also yourself. You and the road are truly one.


dinsdag 5 maart 2013

The time is now!

The period which began on the 12th of Dec. 2012 and lasted until the 3th of March 2013, was a period of transformation on a very deep cosmic level. As our planetary system came so close to the shining heart and the black hole of our galaxy, each and every one of us was given the opportunity to experience the brightest light and deepest darkness. The lesson we have learned? The brighter the light, the further away we can go because we will always find our way back, no matter how dark it can get.

Now, after this roller coaster of emotions and feelings, these opposites that present themselves in a perfect balance, time has come to redefine our path on a higher level. You see, by entering the light/void we've created a distance which is necessary to see things very, very clear. We have grown above our problems so to speak. As so many of us did when they withdrew themselves in the desert or on the top of a high mountain, we now come back with a renewed sense of reality.* And with a light heart and a clear, healthy consciousness we now can make the right decisions which will have their effect on our common future.

Ask yourself: what is really worth my attention? What is really worth living/dying for? What keeps me alive? How do i like/love myself the most? What really bothers me and what can i do to change that? If you have the answers to questions like these, the next step is obvious: START LIVING THEM. The time is now!

Don't think for a minute you can't make a difference. Everything you do, or even feel or think, MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Let me explain this. In todays world, modern science - or so called modern science - has put everything it has ever studied or discovered in words that reveal only one side of the actual story. This one-sided view talks about things as if they are mainly physical. The physical is the basic 'stuff' from which everything else originates. In other words: something comes from something. The human body and our planet Earth, for example, are still being looked upon as if they were dead organisms that work because of a series of physical actions and reactions. We need to eat and drink in order to stay alive. We need to watch out with our emissions in order to keep the atmosphere and our air clean, and so on. Even the human brain is the basis of, or the producer for our thoughts. That the human brain is in fact an interface between our body and the non-physical world outside, is not as weird as it sounds.

Just think about it. If the human brain is an interface, it means it works like a tele-vision or a radio and an antenna do. Depending on the channel which you chose you get to see/hear a show you like. If you don't like what you are watching you can switch to another station. What is important is that you realize that the voice(s) and the music coming out of the radio, are not inside the radio but in the air where an antenna picks them up. The same thing also applies for every image you watch on your television or computer. These images are not inside your television or computer, but are transmitted through the air. In fact they are being aired from somewhere and the antenna in your house just picks them up. Can you imagine how your life would change if you would pick up images directly from the Source of the Universe? 

If you connect yourself directly with the Source you will look upon the mainstream images with an over-view. This overview-effect has two sides: at the same time, you will look from a distance and from within because you are connected to the Source and therefor very much connected to yourself. The more you are connected, the more your individual choices will have their effect on the whole. But that doesn't mean that when you are not really connected, you don't have any part in this. Each and everyone of us is part of the whole, effecting it in every possible way.

*The Life of Pi, the movie that recently won an Oscar, is a perfect example of the same situation. A perfect sign of the time.

vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Testimony of an Out Of Body Experience

Robert Monroe is the Founder of the Monroe Institute, Nelson County, Virginia.
He is one of the many who learnt to travel the road 'behind the horizon'.
Off course modern science has never taken Monroe very serious.
With dr. Pim van Lommel, the dutch cardiologist and writer of Endless Consciousness, the tide is finally turning. In his book dr. Van Lommel calls an OOBE also a near-death-experience or an experience of a higher consciousness. He comes to the conclusion that people who have never experienced something like it, should better start listening to people who have.

vrijdag 8 februari 2013

maandag 4 februari 2013

Lincoln, the movie,

starts with a very interesting scene in which president Lincoln describes to his wife a dream he's had. It's about him standing on a ship that's sailing very fast and there is absolutely nothing but himself, the ship, the black sky and the dark ocean. It reminds the president of a wail hunter, although he's never been on a wail hunt before. But then his wife all of sudden sees and understands the meaning of it all: the real mission, the hunt for the wail, is the approval of the 13th amendment, the abolition of slavery. 
In other words, Lincoln - the president that will always be remembered for his big contribution to the experiment of the United States of America - was not only a very tall man, he also dreamt big because he knew that, in the end, all that matters is how one stands in his or her own strength. And that strength is always connected with something that reveals itself only in our dreams. If we carefully learn to listen to that strength, it'll guide us no matter where we are.

We are born as individuals and although we can surround ourselves by others, let ourselves be guided by others, we will have to take our lives into our own hands and follow our own heart and soul, speak our own truth. Each and every one of us, has a responsibilty to do whatever it is he/she has to do. Indeed, the world is a stage and we are all playing a certain, very specific part. 

If you reflect upon this, you'll have to agree with me that the only thing that is standing in your way to truly, deeply and madly play your part is fear. Fear of the feeling that, indeed, you are alone but not really because you are always connected with THE FORCE that in-spires you and everything/everybody around you. There is also the fear of the attention you will draw whether you like that attention or not. And last but not least: fear of the consequences of your deeds and fear of the person you will become when you stand out of the crowd and become a true, unique individual. 

When people ask me: 'If everyone reaches the level of higher consciousness that you talk about, wouldn't that be very boring?' I smile and always answer: 'No, on the contrary. We are on our way to greater, multicolored diversity but it is very boring that this diversity is still oppressed by people who don't understand the real value of humans and therefor desperately hold on to concepts that are since long out-of-date. Imagine this world if there was a deep understanding of what binds us all together. LOVE is the only way to the co-operation we so desperately need and seek. If you LOVE yourself, set yourself - and the world - FREE.'

zondag 27 januari 2013

Once again,

when we will have learnt that fear of death is terrible but not death itself - death itself is gentle, as if we softly close one door and open an other - we will find ourselves on The Other Side and on other planets. Only if we want to, Intelligences there will help us to see and understand what it is we need to see and understand. Living on this planet has a sacred purpose you know. Life after life, each and every one of us has to try to become more and more complete. Let me explain what i mean by this. 
LIFE is LOVE; it's as simple as that. In the very beginning LIFE/LOVE was split up because it was so beautiful and therefor wanted everywhere. Off course somewhere deep down all the little parts remembered this, and ever since they are all trying to get back to this Unity, this Great One-ness. In order to get back, they only have to do one thing and that is to take the right road.  

When we become more and more experienced, we begin to understand that feelings of hate, jealousy, envy, greed, violence,... belong to a road we don't really want to take. Those feelings lead us nowhere because hate will always be answered by hate, jealousy will always be answered by jealousy, and the same goes for all the rest. The one and only real road is off course the ROAD OF LOVE. In order to be able to take this road, we will have to become LOVE

On The Other Side, it is very easy to understand what real LOVE is because there, LOVE has a face and body that radiates the most beautiful light. Here on Earth, where our bodies are more heavy, LOVE can sometimes be seen on the bottom of strange eyes looking right through you. Or it is visible in the way someone relates to other people. For example: when he/she is very calm and speaks carefully chosen words that reveal great inner wisdom. LOVE never judges you know, because LOVE always understands and therefor forgives.      

Once, when you will stand on the shore of the Source of Wisdom again, you will look in the water and understand what it is you had to learn this time. If you are lonely now, unhappy or sad, there is a reason which you will need to find. That is your Queeste in this life. Probably you have to sit down and meditate or ask for help from a teacher of some kind, but i assure you, if you really want to find answers, you will receive them because that is what all Intelligences on The Other Side tend to do: they do everything to in-spire you constantly with the Spirit of LOVE. 

dinsdag 15 januari 2013

The collective

human consciousness is beginning to change. The stage is set on this planet for the greatest transformation of 'being' that humanity has ever known. The more we open our minds and hearts to the Universe and to other realms of existence, the more we will be able to sense and experience these other realms right here in the present. The more our conscious-material world of masculine domination disintegrates, the more of the Universe we will be able to perceive. 

There are many people in positions of political and religious power that will surely condemn this message as they try to consolidate and hold on to their selfish, destructive worlds. But there are also very advanced spiritual and Universal forces surrounding this planet. These forces are appearing through the hearts of open minded people and they will not allow a return to the dark, repressive ages of the past. 

Humanity is heading - slowly - for a new age of Love, Peace and Universal Being. 

We must come to realize that this planet, our beloved planet Earth, is a living being that pulses with the creative forces of the Universe. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. There is no separateness anywhere on Earth or in the Cosmos other than in the concepts and ideas of human beings. It's true that these concepts and ideas have been given a lot of power in the past, and have created false, destructive realities. But they were wrong! There is no separateness between humans and other humans, humans and the Universe or humans and their Creators. 

In each of our bodies there are billions of atoms, millions of untold elements that have flowed around the Universe and around the surface of this planet in constant flux since the very beginning. The same atoms or elements that were once part of an Australian Aborigine's body thousands of years ago, are now a part of our body. The same atoms or elements that were once part of an Egyptian, Atlantic or Lemurian body, are now still a part of our body. And these same atoms and elements were once another part of this Galaxy or Universe. 

History is within us, here and now. Let us never forget where we come from. 

Human beings can not continue to live unbalanced with the male/female aspects of being. We can not continue to act independently and selfishly, while acquiring the material wealth of this planet for ourselves when others live in material desperation. We must strive to create a more balanced, tolerant and peaceful world. If my brothers and sisters are suffering, THEN SO AM I. If the Earth is wounded and losing its ability to renew itself, THEN SO AM I. If the plants and animals on this planet are neglected, THEN SO AM I.  

So where do we go from here? 

The spiritual condition of our soul is all that matters in the end, so let us wake up NOW.


vrijdag 4 januari 2013


Let's begin this new calendar-year with a statement. Here it is: how advanced some human beings may think they are, a lot of them have not even begun to experience all the realms of being that exist in and around them. 

Our Solar system is connected from the core of the Sun to the outer orbits of Pluto and far beyond. Gravitationally and electro-magnetically, it is ONE body. The elements of Jupiter or Saturn are the same elements that exist on this planet and in our bodies. Human beings are able to exist on Earth only by the continued gravitational stability of all the planets. If Mars, Jupiter or any one of the planets were to explode or somehow enter a new orbit around the Sun, every other planet in our Solar system would have to re-arrange to a new gravitational balance which would change the material and conscious conditions on Earth dramatically. Our Solar system is existing in a interdependent field of magnetic, gravitational, electrical and anti-material forces. Here on this planet, human beings also exist in all these realms. We are more then physical body. We are more than electric-magnetic minds. We are soul... spirit - what scientists are now calling anti-matter. I want to ask you to speak this word out loud: anti-matter. Do you hear how cold it sounds? Af if it's about something not living, not important? Anti-matter sounds as if it doesn't really matter. It's some kind of dead force that hides under the visible surface and it's just a matter of time before it will be made totally visible, as in countable and workable.  Can you imagine that this so called dead force is nowadays being manipulated in order to gain energy from it? After nuclear-energy, here comes energy from anti-matter! Problem solved! Oh... how perverse this sound...

When Nature is being raped and people are being treated like numbers and products, it's time to wake up and open your mind and heart again. Only a society who doesn't respect values, understands nothing of Life. Change can only begin from the bottom-up, not top-down, so the future starts today with each and everyone of us.