vrijdag 30 november 2012


i was able to be present at a lecture in Ghent of Dr. Pim van Lommel, the dutch cardiologist who became famous after he published his mind-blowing research in his book Endless Consciousness. I quoted Pim several times in my own book, so you can understand i was really glad to be there. But i was even more happy when i heard Pim say that people should start to listen - really listen - to people who have experienced what is common known as a 'near-death-experience', an 'outside physical experience' or an 'experience of unity'. So actually people who haven't had such an experience, should start listening to people like me ;) Funny, indeed, because that is the first time i hear a modern doctor say something like that out loud. The usual reaction sounds more like 'you better keep your mouth shut because you don't want people to think that you are crazy...'

Times are changing. Four hundred years ago, people like me would have been probably burnt alive. Forty years ago, i would have probably ended up in a mental institution. But how many of those so called 'ill' people knew things everyone could have profited from? Coming to think of it, what so called modern conquerors have done to so called primitive tribes all over the world, is also too terrible for words...

The arrogance of modern science is one of our biggest problems today. But if you cannot embrace other points of view, what will you have learned in the end but just being very obstinate? Modern science still thinks that consciousness is a product of the brain. Luckily for us, Dr. Pim van Lommel has had the guts to open his mind and eyes and today he stands on the barricades saying and stating the exact opposite: consciousness is everywhere and the human brain operates like an interface. Quote: The voice in the telephone is not in the telephone. The internet is not in your laptop. The telephone and laptop are interfaces, just like the human brain. The human brain can be compared with a television. It can run different channels but which channel is entirely up to you, up to your own consciousness. 

People who have experienced an 'outside the physical body experience', all state that this experience was far more 'real' then anything they have ever experienced before. They heard better. They saw better. They were smarter because they understood everything,... This kind of consciousness has nothing to do with hallucinations, delusions or illusions but simply is a higher consciousness, also known as a transcendent consciousness, often linked with meditation-practices and described by many people all over the world. 

In my opinion, it is no coincidence that today over 25 million people have experienced this extra-ordinary consciousness. I think that is how we are supposed to evolve to the next level of existence. By talking (and writing) about it, and other people listening (and reading), we are able to transform our reality for ever. To the better, off course, because if there is one thing that identifies a 'near death experience' it is that when you are 'dead' there is nothing to be afraid of any more. It is when you are alive that you should listen very carefully to yourself because your 'self' can be your biggest enemy but also you biggest friend and teacher. Your true intentions are what count (up) in the end and that's what makes living so valuable. That's what makes every minute count and every thought precious.

You see, LOVE is the only law in this wonderful universe. Your physical body is temporarily, but you will take your LOVE anywhere with you because LOVE is the endless, timeless, highest consciousness of which all things are made.
Whether you have loved, or not, decides where you will be born again. So forget and put aside everything that has nothing to do with LOVE and start living your life as it should be lived. LOVE without wasting anymore time on other things.

Good luck :)

zaterdag 24 november 2012


I find it very strange, that nowadays 'modern' people around the globe are uniting through the internet and are using electronic equipment such as tablets and laptops of whatever kind, to do so, but still believe that mankind had evolved from apes. From my point of view this situation clearly reflects an existential crisis: an over-developed side of the human brain on one hand and a lesser developed side of the brain on the other. 

Looking around us, anyone can easily see that it is still a man's world. A lot of women have turned into men (so to speak) because they have repeatedly ignored what belongs to the sacred feminine. The female, non-rational thinking is based upon intuition and other 'round' feelings who are more difficult to explain then the rational 'straight' male behavior. And because it is harder to explain, men in the past have made the stupid mistake to simply ignore it. In fact they said: 'It is to hard to explain.' And that became: 'It can't be explained. It is not meant to be explained. Therefor it is not interesting.' And there we are now. Still.

Time, men figured, was a line. A straight one. Off course. With an arrow. In the beginning, there was nothing. Then everything started and evolved and now mankind is at it's peak. 'Look around you! See the skyscrapers! Not bad for a bunch of wild cavemen, huh!'
What the female side of the brain has known since the beginning, is that time is not a straight line with an arrow from the left to the right; time is a circle. Time is cyclic. And this means that there have been already a lot of ups and downs. You see, it's only when a certain lesson has been learned, that a certain cycle - or Round - comes to an end and exceeds itself. Those moments are moments of creation because a certain 'system' then transforms or mutates into a new 'system'. For those who know nothing of the mysterious round ways of Life, it seems that something came from nothing. Those who know better, understand that there was always a previous cycle or Round that came to an end, producing something new. 

The story of the world and of mankind is far more complex then what we have been told when we were innocent children. The remains of the first people on this earth will never be found because the first people were never as physical as we are today. 

Anyone who has an open mind can do some research and discover that the real story of our kind - the story of the first 'spiritual' or more mental people - is being told in the myths of our planet. Because of the male dominated view, those myths are still not taken seriously. Luckily for us, the female point of view has never forgotten where she came from. Today she has begun her uprising. Snow white is awakening from a long, long sleep...

In less then a month from now, the God and Goddess will meet again. On 21 december 2012 the male and female sides of the cosmic brain will be united, therefor giving us people that exact same opportunity on this level of existence. 21 december will become known as the date when male domination finally came to an end. The prince kisses snow white because he wants to live with her again...

It's going to be the best christ-mas ever! 


zaterdag 17 november 2012

I am very happy

that i can tell you: there is no death anywhere in this universe. Only change through the process of destruction and re-creation all different forms of the ONE process. Human existence is a continuous process of cycles and spirals moving towards or away from our creators. This universal aspect of being is embodied within our material 'selves' every time we breathe. We choose and create our paths in this world. There is no cold and punitive 'God' sitting on a throne waiting to send us into fire and brimstone. Human beings create their futures after this life by how they live right now in the moment. The shamans, mystics and medicine people from all cultures have been telling us these things since the beginning of time. It was the repression of the feminine and intuitive aspects of being that separated modern humans from their creators (Creators). The Goddess has returned, though, to claim her place with the God.
The exact date of this Holy Union is set upon 21 december 2012. After a period of almost 26.000 years, God and Goddess will finally meet again. Can you imagine how happy, how totally exited they must be? Can you understand what their partnership will create? The Maya's did, you know. They left us a lot of information and, in fact, all of this information tells us one thing: mankind is about to enter a new dimension. We are standing at the doorstep of a new era. 

Good news!

For those who were not able to read my blog because of the dutch language: from now on i will blog in english, reaching out to the whole world. Because of the simple fact that it will take more of my time to write in a strange language (at moments, i will have to do a lot of translation-work) the articles i will post will be shorter. That also may be good news ;)

I hope you all keep enjoying reading them and please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to share something or have questions.

Thank you very much for your support.