maandag 10 maart 2014

I am happy to see

that more and more people are finally coming to the necessary conclusion that many ancient ruins and sites all over the world are inter-connected and that once, long ago, times were not so primitive as they thought they were. I am happy but i am also impatient as things need to speed up. As we are shifting again from one era to the next, we need to realize, on a much more larger scale, that our history has not been told well. There is much more to learn from our past then what we've been told in our rather primitive school-systems. Ask yourself: how many coincidences have to happen before people start looking for another explanation, a new truth? 

Time has come to grow up. A while ago, people thought (or were being told) that the Earth was flat. Nowadays we know that the Earth is a sphere. The next step has to do with the message of the Aquarian Era, the Age of Aquarius. And who else then the Sfinx can give us that answer? The Sfinx has his/here eyes fixed upon the skies and therefore connects the Heavens with this Earth. He/She foresees and presents a cosmic era in which there is a place for… angels... again. 

The word 'angel' has a lot of catholic co-notations nowadays. Nevertheless it is of the greatest importance that people realize again that underneath their skin, their material/physical body, they are also beings of light. If you are not afraid to die - and why should you if you have led a good life and you know you will keep on living? - and you cross that river in time and space with a certain calm, or in a meditative state with your eyes wide open, you will immediately grasp the concept of what it means to become a being of light. I know what i'm talking about because i have experienced this already several times and am able to remember this.

The realm of humans has always worked together with the realm of the beings of light, the angels. If we learn more about this co-operation, we understand more of our inheritance, our duty and our tasks. This is why some of our ancestors for example were so fixated on death. They were not macabre. They just emphasized that death is like a door. Like being born here on Earth, you are being born in another, more heavenly dimension where other beings of the light - angels - will help you and guide you so you can find the way back to where you came from. 

A cosmic orientated society that has unravelled the secrets about eternal life and reincarnation will build artifacts and constructions that will last forever. Such a society will also travel the Universe to see if there are any other places or species. Such a society will say: 'Imagine a peaceful Universe. Imagine we can travel freely and visit our friends: wouldn't that be wonderful?' 

This video helps you to see similarities between a lot of ancient sites all over the world. It also asks a lot of questions. If you are willing to find the solutions you just need to open up, look with a fresh eye and think the unthinkable.