woensdag 2 september 2015

Animal Perfume

Here it is! I am very proud to be able to present you my new song and videoclip!

I don't really know what came first: the song or the clip. They both came into my mind at the same time, in an enlightened or in-spirational moment. Needless to say i am very happy i was able to grab that moment and hold tight to it, and work with it so it could slowly evolve and finally become a real 'thing'.

The clip was shot at the home of Tim & Kathleen, and on location in Antwerp... during the winter so you can imagine i gave the crew a hard time. But i think it was worth it. The light in the winter is very special. It is somewhat harder and therefor more intense. The winter is also a special time for Nature as it folds itself back to itself. It is a time for reflection, to go to the core of things, where it is still warm. Off course insights can come at any time, but when Nature becomes this silent, sometimes it is easier to hear the whispers of your soul.

After some nice scouting-walks in the area, i decided to shoot on two places. At first there is the little beach of St. Anneke where the skyline is dominated by the iron buildings of the harbor on the other side of the river Schelde. It is both a sweet and apocalyptic place. The second place is on the other side, at Noordkasteel, and holds a connection with the (i believe second) World War because of its old deserted bunkers, next to the little lakeside.  

When i walk or am at those two places, there is always a moment i imagine i can still hear the loud sounds of steel rubbing against steel, of hundreds, thousands of men working and marching like slaves for invisible bosses who hide behind the concrete. When i turn away again, when i close that window, the contrast between those loud sounds and the silence of the Nature makes the silence even more holy then it already is. 

The third player in the clip is both visible and invisible. The Schelde is the river that runs through Antwerp and divides it into two parts. Without this river Antwerp would not have become so big. It connects us with the bigger waters, the greater ideas. 

I hope that both places will continue to exist as they are, and that one day the Schelde will be as clear as crystal water again.

As for the music: i think it speaks for itself. Hope you enjoy!

Song: written by Ilse Wanten. Jorg Strecker - guitar, bass. Jon Birdsong - trumpet. Ilse Wanten -  vocals, synth (everything home recorded). Alfredo Bravo Ebner - drums, recorded by Youri Van Uffelen. Mixed and mastered by Bart Delacourt. Clip: directed by Ilse Wanten. Camera, editing by Tim Michielsen & Kathleen Steegmans. Thanks to Eva Wens & Pascale Geens. Made in Antwerp © 5/5/2015 Production Ilse Wanten. http://www.ilsewanten.com