maandag 27 oktober 2014

What Dolores Cannon presents

here in this documentary, i can confirm totally. But where Dolores talks about 'they' or 'the ET's' i simply say 'we' and talk about 'my people'. What she calls 'The Source' i sometimes call it that too ;) Or i say God. Or The Light. The Highest Light. All of Nature. Spirit. In Dutch: het AL. 

A very long time ago, i'm talking hundreds of thousands of years ago, me and my husband were asked the question if we wanted to come to here, to this planet to help it  - and it's inhabitants - evolve towards a higher state. We answered that call, became volunteers and went down to this planet. As you can imagine - or not - since then many fantastic adventures took place.
Nowadays i am able to capture parts of this story so some of them already ended up as a testimony in my first book which will hopefully appear in English soon. In the mean time and as an introduction to 'the real me' you can watch this presentation. Let me tell you: this is the perfect food for the mind in changing and puzzling times like these…