maandag 18 mei 2015

The Goddess

is returning, influencing many of us people with her radiating, beautiful energy to build bridges where they can. That means that the connection between the Heavens, the Planets, the Stars and the Earth will once again start to work as it should. For too long we have lived in a world dominated by people - mostly men - who had great problems feeling their feelings. In order to feel alive, these men believed they had to fight and feel great pain and tremendous loss. They also made the huge mistake to see women and children as their possessions who carried their name and were respected according to their usefulness. And so it has gone for many, many centuries. But no more! 

The era of growing through feeling pain and loss is coming to an end. The Goddess - the sacred and divine femininity - is a bright and shining light that gives us the power to raise from our old graves. When we shake down the dust of the past and open ourselves for this incoming bright light, we will hold the key once again for a better life in a better world.

Did you know that the structures of many temples, cathedrals and other sacred monuments are masculine and in fact build upon feminine constructions such as hidden caves and spring wells? Like the female womb is 'hidden' in the female body so are these caves and spring wells hidden underground. And like the male (erected) phallus is very visible, so are these visible structures.

Like a man and a women making pure, ecstatic love, it is of the greatest importance that both 'systems' work together in the best possible way. How can this be achieved? In one phrase: through complete surrender to one another without loss of their identity. Let me explain this.

At the heart of both male and female 'systems' lies the realm of the crystals. Many people nowadays are still afraid of crystals because of what happened to us all in Atlantis. Back then, at the end of the Atlantic era, the crystal was not treated well which caused big disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field. You see, the magnetic field of the Earth is build around her crystal core. The relation between the core and the unified field is of such a delicacy that the greatest care and awareness needs to be given to both. In other words: it is of the greatest importance that people connect themselves daily with the Source within themselves trough the heart-beat of the Earth and that of the surrounding Universe, with the Sun as the centre-point and doorway to other, greater Suns.

We can live on this planet, and even live of Her, but in return we need to give life to the Earth. We need to connect with Her, feel Her heart beat under our feet. We need to become so quiet that we can  hear Her voice when She softly speaks to us… because She does you know. When She is treated with respect you will come to see that She stretches and dances with the Winds. She want to lift us up so we can see for ourselves who we really are. If we deny ourselves and Her this Love, we will both become restless and sick…

What we need right now, is to return to the Unity - the Garden of Eden - we once were granted and which now seems to be lost. Despite our problems, this is not as difficult as it might seem. Millions of Crystal- and Indigo(-children) are leading us the way. They have been diagnosed as strange, weird, a-social, hyper-sensitive, autistic, etc. and have been labeled with ADHD and what else, but are in fact bridge-builders. They are not 'lacking some of the essential human parts'. They don't have less but have in fact downloaded more consciousness. A lot of them have memories of past lives and a sense of 'knowing things' that cuts like a sword through the current paradigm. They are old souls and a lot of them have a warrior attitude. They are here to help this world shift and start again a New Golden Era. They are in fact liberating the Goddess from the ropes that have tied her down for too long.

These are exciting times! Enjoy them as much as you can while you open your eyes for what is really happening inside and outside (y)our cave. It's better to know the Truth. Life is all about Love: to love and to be loved will create a better world. Instead of letting all kinds of fears misguide you, you better start facing them now. If not, you'll miss all the excitement! And after all: without taking any risks, how on Earth could you be free?